Presidents’ Day Dogs

Kaaawa caninesTime for the dogs!

And what a pack of dogs we had today on our early walk down to the beach and back.

Buddy and Scarlet, who welcome you to today’s Kaaawa canine photos, live just a block or so from our house, and we see them every morning as we’re on the way home. They are so cute! Buddy twirls in excitement, Scarlet just wants to snuggle. Both are very happy to get treats.

But they are going to be sad to learn that the Yummy Chummies are dead. These are little nuggets made from salmon. They smell and most dogs love them. A friend gave us a big bag, but we were so stingy in offering them up that the last 20% or so has turned into a powdery mess in the bottom of the bag and are going to get thrown away. Too bad! Scarlet and Buddy just LOVE these little things.

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  1. @Ian and Meda – I bought those Yummy Chummies too – separated into small zip locks and froze them. I’m taking my last bag out of the freezer today. Better luck on your next try! ps love your cat and dog photos

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