From Helen’s Scrapbook: Photos from the Kamehameha School for Girls

Until 1931, the year my mother graduated, the Kamehameha School for Girls was located in the block bounded by Kalihi Street and North King Street across from the present site of Farrington High School.

Her scrapbook contains a number of photographs taken over several years from the late 1920s through to 1931. Most of them lack captions or notes, but they have a wonderful quality about them.

Here’s one of my mother with friends on the old campus. You can click to see a larger version of the photo.


This photo came complete with my mother’s handwritten note that appears to have been appended years later, identifying some of the young women in the picture.

From left: Ellen Wittington, Helen Yonge, May Bradley, Bernice, Victoria Atchley, unknown, Rowena Buchanon. Names are from a handwritten note left by my mother.

In another photo from the Kamehameha Schools archive, “Atchley” is spelled “Acherly.”

May Bradley later married Thomas “Lofty” Cook, who served as the chair of the Hawaii County Board of Supervisors from 1959-1962, a position that had the powers later assigned to the mayor. She died in 2008 at age 93.

I recall visiting with Lofty and May Cook on several Big Island vacations when I was a kid, and one year our family stayed in their beach home in Kona during the time he was chair of the Supervisors. A note from my mother reminded me that on one trip, probably that one, we were given use of a county car. Old Hawaii, for sure.

Ellen Wittington’s sister, Elizabeth, married Wright Bowman, the legendary woodworker and canoe builder.

From my sister, Bonnie:

Frances Townsend in the back row was later Frances Lucas of Waimanalo. Tamar Mookini was Tamar Tavares of San Diego.

–> See all of these photos from the Kamehameha School for Girls in the years around 1928-31.

5 responses to “From Helen’s Scrapbook: Photos from the Kamehameha School for Girls

  1. Love these photos. When did the Kamehameha Girls School move? The grounds look so nice.

  2. Aloha Ian – mahalo to your mother for keeping such a great scrapbook…and mahalo to you and your family for sharing with us. I think that “Bernice” w/the curly hair in mid-photo is Bernice “Dutchie” Bayless who married Louis “Sonny” Self…I knew her in later years but the resemblance is there. There may a reference somewhere in your mom’s records. Take care. Aloha to Meda.

  3. What a great find! My brother Lono found this pic of our mother Bernice Bayless Self. It must have been taken in the late 1920’s.

    • This is SO wonderful…finding Mom!! Auntie May& Auntie Neck!! Did you recognize Jalna Keala’s comment? Remember, Buddy & Linden?
      I’m going to write to her.
      FYI Mom graduated 1930.

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