Daily Archives: March 1, 2013

First dawn, then the cliff

It started out with a mellow Friday sunrise in Kaaawa.

Kaaawa dawn

But then it’s over the cliff!

Feline Friday in March: Roaring in like a tabby lion

Ms. KiliWelcome to another Feline Friday, featuring cats from our household in Kaaawa.

This is Ms. Kili. She’s got a problem. Her claws have are too long, and at least one has curved around and is almost growing into the pad of her paw. Toby might be in the same boat, except that he won’t even let me look closely. When I tried to trim his claws, he just exploded into a screaming, yowling ball of orange. Very un-Toby-like.

So Kili and Toby have earned themselves a Sunday visit to VCA.

Now you know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

Meanwhile, our other geriatric cats continue to have their problems. Wally’s appetite is still a daily question mark, Silverman’s getting periodic fluid infusions (more stressful for me than for him), Duke and I engage in twice-daily food races. I try to pick up all the extra cat food before he gets to it, and he has become blazingly fast at getting his snout into anything I miss.

And poor Romeo is suddenly defending against two roaming cats. These cats have been fed block away for several years, but suddenly have been coming up the hill and making repeated appearances in our yard. Poor Romeo. Even at his pretty advanced age (probably 12 or 13), he’s the self-appointed defender of the territory. We’ve started trying to keep all the cats in at night, when roaming cats seem most likely to show up. Hopefully it will make a difference.

In any case….

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