First dawn, then the cliff

It started out with a mellow Friday sunrise in Kaaawa.

Kaaawa dawn

But then it’s over the cliff!

5 responses to “First dawn, then the cliff

  1. Great ending! Just a shame that Rep. Hanohano couldn’t have been in the backseat.

  2. I guess that I completely miss the premise here!

    • perhaps no matter how beautiful the sunrise, sooner or later we all go off the cliff……although it does seem that some of us go pretty far off the tracks first…..

    • Sorry….I thought that since we were going headlong off that fiscal cliff, that scene would be most appropriate to convey the idea.

      • I get that but I still prefer the image of Rep. Hanohano and maybe Larry Price going off the cliff in the backseat of the car…..assuming they would both fit…..

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