Signs of the 2011 tsunami

We’re seeing more trash on the beach in Kaaawa that appears to be from the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

A few days ago, it was smashed parts of a boat. Today there was a large piece of net, too heavy to move without much more assistance, along with lots of plastic bits and pieces of various sizes, some up to 18 inches, others an inch or two across. Among it all was the bottle of Dove soap with the telltale label in Japanese.

So far, it’s just a nuisance. We’re worried, though, about the arrival of a more serious debris field.

on the beach in Kaaawa

on the beach in Kaaawa

4 responses to “Signs of the 2011 tsunami

  1. You might want to be careful, some of that stuff could be highly radioactive.

    • I agree. You wouldnt catch me picking that up

      • Actually, the chance of any of this being radioactive in the least seems quite remote. It’s all been washing in the ocean through a long round trip across the Pacific and back. Any radioactive materials would have been washed away long ago. At least that’s how it looks to me.

  2. The folks at NOAA keeping track of the debris field say it is highly unlikely that it will be radioactive for the simple reason that nearly all of it was washed into the ocean before the problems developed at the nuclear plant.

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