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Feline Friday: Silverman’s no longer so silver

Mr. Silverman welcomes you to today’s Feline Friday. I didn’t have time to post the weekly cats this morning. But, as they say, better late than never.

Look at these two pictures of Silverman. The top photo was taken in the last day or so. The bottom photo was taken in 2001.

They demonstrate how his coloring has changed as he has gotten to be an elderly guy. When he first joined our household and earned his name, he really was a silver gray. Now the silver is hidden by the darker stripes.



Pretty amazing. Duke has also had a lengthy color change. Like other cats with a Siamese heritage, he started out as a white kitten, and slowly developed the deep brown coloring, which has spread and deepened over the years.

I wonder what percentage of cats experience similar changes?

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Corrections & Additions: Details on the train ride

Information cardsThe correction: The train trip that produced the wonderful little graphics featured here yesterday was in September 1936, rather than 1937, according to several letters written by Professor Carey D. Miller during and after the trip.

The addition: Three more of those wonderful advertising cards, including the one shown here, turned up yesterday as I made another pass through several file folders of miscellaneous materials. I’ve added them to yesterday’s image gallery. Just click on the image to see all twelve images. Hopefully, a helpful reader will step forward with quick translations of the latest three.

The handwritten letters from Professor Miller fill in the background of the flyers and the trip.

The first letter is dated September 11, 1936, “Enroute Morioka-Tokyo”, written on stationary of the Sapporo Grand Hotel.

We are returning from a 2 day visit to Sapporo in Hokaido where we went to see the university and experimental work they are doing & to see the type of country as compared with the southern part that we shall see later. We haven’t been here a week yet but feel that we have seen quite a bit of Japan.

Miller was traveling to Morioka and then on to Tokyo.

She went on to describe the little information cards.

I thought you and the other girls who read Japanese might be entertained with these little slips that the girls from the dining car handed out to us on the way to Sapporo from Hakodate. I think they are very artistic & even if we couldn’t read them we managed to get some good.

Miller wrote another note after arriving in Tokyo.

We had a thrilling time in Morioka. Mrs. Sugino took us out to a country village. We met a number of interesting people & many fascinating things we could not have seen without the entries which her work and acquaintances there afforded.

I previously had posted photographs Miller took while in Furudate Village near Morioka, mistakenly dated 1937. Now I’ll have to go back and correct the dates based on this additional information.