Breakfast on a wet Sunday morning (photos)

The rain held off until we were back from our early morning walk along the beach and back.

But once we were home, the rain arrived.

It made comfort food the order of the day.

So here it is. Low fat turkey bacon went in the pan first. While it cooked, I separated the eggs, then whipped the egg whites, then added just a couple of yolks. While the eggs cooked, the bread went into the toaster. I do confess to adding a bit of cheese when I folded the omelet over, then cooked it long enough for the cheese to melt.

Miraculously, it all came together. A cup of coffee added the right touch.

Notice the great cast iron pan, my favorite. All of our cast iron was rescued from trash piles or found in garage sales or thrift stores. I’ve gone through lots of other types of cookware and keep coming back to the cast iron, even for these omelets.

So, first the weather….then the food.

Kaaawa, Hawaii

Sunday morning

Sunday morning #2

Sunday morning #3

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  1. I haven’t been able to find a toaster I like. Your toast looks perfectly done.

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