Legislative Alert: Testimony needed in support of bill to strengthen disclosure requirements

SB66, which requires members of several key boards and commissions to file public financial disclosure statements, has been scheduled for a public hearing Monday afternoon before the House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce.

It would apply to “state boards or commissions that have official authority that includes approving, issuing, or renewing permits or licenses relating to land use, water use, or the regulation of public utilities.”

Members of the following boards will be required to publicly disclose their personal finances if the bill passes, making it easier for the public to identify potential conflicts.

(A) Board of directors of the agribusiness development corporation;

(B) Board of agriculture;

(C) Board of directors of the Aloha Tower development corporation;

(D) Hawaii community development authority;

(E) Hawaiian homes commission;

(F) Board of directors of the Hawaii housing finance and development corporation;

(G) Board of land and natural resources;

(H) Land use commission;

(I) Legacy land conservation commission;

(J) Natural area reserves system commission;

(K) Board of directors of the natural energy laboratory of Hawaii;

(L) Board of directors of the Hawaii public housing authority;

(M) Board of directors of the public land development corporation;

(N) Public utilities commission; and

(O) Commission on water resource management.”

The hearing notice is available here.

Testimony can be submitted online. Testimony doesn’t have to be elaborate. There’s even form to submit a simple statement of support.

3 responses to “Legislative Alert: Testimony needed in support of bill to strengthen disclosure requirements

  1. Hmmm… Don’t see the Commission on Water Resources Management on this list. That is the one that Monsanto has been knocking on the door for increased GMO agriculture use on Maui and O’ahu. Any idea why the omission for that body?

  2. Oh, there is is the last one. Was below my screen. Will definitely be supporting this bill. Mahalo.

  3. My testimony:
    I am in favor of the Hawaii State Senate passing SB66. Where to start? I understand that there is a potential appointee to the State Water Commission who is a lobbyist for an very large International Agribusiness. A bill such as this would at least inform citizens that the “fox is guarding the hen-house,” politically speaking, as the commission member proceeds to do their business in a manner that would play favorites for their paid interest. Must be nice to be on the inside of such legal corruption.

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