Remembering George Steele

It’s the 10th anniversary of George Steele’s death. Anyone who was worked with George in the old Star-Bulletin, or in the newsroom of the Star-Advertiser, remembers George.

George was a copy editor at the Star-Bulletin when I knew him. He had been a reporter in West Virginia. He had also been a photographer, a poet. He had been a husband, although that persona didn’t take. He was quite a character. A walking sense of humor. A newsroom presence. A friend to a lot of people.

I’ll pirate from what I wrote in a prior year.

In the summer of 2002, just before his birthday, George shared this thought.

i love my life and i cringe as i see it drawing to an inevitable close. but i got a nice card from mary in west virginia. it’s a quote from the talmud:

“every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘grow, grow.’”


And George responded to something I wrote with this thought:

“it takes courage to acknowledge that you miss another living being. i admire your courage.”

I don’t feel courageous now. Just sadder and a bit lonelier.

George’s death was hastened by alcohol, so it’s a bit weird to say that I’ll take a moment this evening to raise a glass in his memory. But I’ll say it, and do it, anyway.

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  1. Mr. Mike in Hilo

    I lost track of George a long time ago. Thank you for remembering him today and also for providing the link to what you had written ten years ago today. (I really enjoyed those quotes from George’s own reminiscences.)

  2. Here’s tae us
    Wha’s like us
    Damn few,
    And they’re a’ deid
    Mair’s the pity!
    May those who live truly be always believed,
    And those who deceive us be always deceived.
    Here’s to the men of all classes,
    Who through lasses and glasses
    Will make themselves asses!

    I drink to the health of another,
    And the other I drink to is he
    In the hope that he drinks to another,
    And the other he drinks to is me.

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