Dog season in Kaaawa (photos)

Ms. IpoThis is Ms. Ipo, happily fetching a tennis ball found along the beach. She would probably do this for hours, although I have to cut it off after just a few minutes. Ipo and her “sister,” Ms. Emma, are usually our first dogs of the morning.

We’re now entering dog season. Here’s how it works. For at least a third of the year, it’s too dark when we’re out in the morning to get pictures of our canine friends around the neighborhood. If we’re a bit a little late on a given day, maybe. But during the winter, my photos are mainly of the colors of dawn. But everything is starting to change with the season. As the sun comes up earlier every day, the dogs are coming into focus.

There’s a bunch of dogs in today’s Morning Dogs gallery.

–> Click here to see all of today’s Kaaawa dogs.

2 responses to “Dog season in Kaaawa (photos)

  1. Third picture wrong name. In any case, love the dogs!

  2. That’s correct R Ferdun. Mister Science does that from time to time. To see if we are paying attention. I can’t pay attention, cause I’m broke. The correct name , boys and girls is Ms. Emma. Collect $ 200 and pass go.

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