Money speaks loudly for this lobbyist duo

If money talks in politics, then the lobbyist team of John Radcliffe and George “Red” Morris can certainly be heard loud and clear in the halls of the State Capitol.

I’ve just started looking at patterns of campaign contributions by lobbyists, and the two principals in Capitol Consultants of Hawaii, LLP stand out from the pack.

Here’s the result of my first quick attempt to follow the money.

The following figures are for calendar year 2012, and do not cover the full 2011-2012 election cycle. They also do not include contributions to federal candidates, parties, or PACs.

During 2012, reports filed with the State Campaign Spending Commission show Radcliffe contributed $57,750 to state and county candidates in Hawaii, while Morris added another $50,300.

Nothing illegal here. These contributions were all properly disclosed and appear to have remained within application limits. But they provide a good example of a particular type of influence combining well-targeted campaign contributions with skilled inside lobbying.

Here are their contributions sorted by date. You can see that while there were quite a few contributions made while the legislature was in session, their checkbooks aren’t put away during the rest of the year.

John Radcliffe

Red Morris

A more complete picture would have to include direct contributions made by their clients, who often rely on the recommendations of their professional lobbyists if/when they give directly to candidates.

It would also be interesting to see which contributions coincided with candidates’ fundraisers, and which were made at other times.

Both those jobs that will have to wait for another day.

5 responses to “Money speaks loudly for this lobbyist duo

  1. I am glad to see that apparently the Thielens, Cynthia and Laura, can’t be bought?

    • An alternate explanation is that the lobbyists don’t think that the Thielands have enough influence to be worth the money.

  2. It would be interesting to see a list of politicians/candidates who didn’t receive contributions.

  3. Aloha Ian, here’s a presentation you might find interesting if you haven’t already seen it. Might be worth sharing with your readers:

  4. Looks like their money went overwhelmingly to Say’s followers. Will be interesting to see if that shifts now that Souki is in power.

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