Hawaii in 1922: The photos

Hawaii 1922I managed to scan the photos from Carey Miller’s scrapbook that recorded impressions of her first year in Hawaii. These scans provide slightly larger images. Miller arrived in Honolulu in September 1922, and her notes and photos go through the spring of 1923.

To view the 62 photographs, just click on this first photo to get to the initial gallery, then click on the first photo for a larger image. Then just follow the arrows through the rest of the pictures.

It’s quite an interesting tour through Hawaii of a very different era.

3 responses to “Hawaii in 1922: The photos

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love looking through the old pictures you post. These are some of the best.

    They also make happy the world is no longer in black and white. 😉

  2. Agree, the pictures are fabulous, thank you very much.

  3. Dear Ian Lind,
    I cried out upon seeing these photos – I was so excited to find my Aunt Hallie Hyde with her friends Carrie and Ada in Hawaii. Recently, I went back on ancestry to renew my subscription, and noticed that Hallie had taken a trip in 1922 on the ship Wilhemina. After not finding much on the ship, I decided to do a general search on Hawaii in 1922 and found your website and these wonderful photos. I tried to email, but letter came back. Hallie was one of the few women in 1911 to receive her Master’s Degree in Home Economics in Illinois. Her father was a physician in Brookings, SD. Hallie was an artist as well. My father and I followed in her footsteps in this regard. I am so excited to see photos of my gr Aunt Hallie! The last picture I had of her was from her days as a student at South Dakota State College. If you would like an invitation to my ancestry site or any further info, I would be more than happy to provide it. Thank you so very much!!!!

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