Where in the world is Linda Lingle?

So what is former Gov. Linda Lingle up to these days? Apparently she’s out and about making appearances on the conservative side of the GOP fundraising circuit, but towards what end?

Earlier this year, the conservative site RedState.com essentially wrote off another Lingle run for the Senate seat now held by Brian Schatz.

On the Republican side, given her serious trouncing in 2012, it is highly doubtful that former GOP Governor Linda Lingle will give it another go. Instead, the most likely candidate will be Charles Djou, the former Congressman who served a shortened term, but lost in the general election.

She surfaced with other Republican heavies at a recent event in Florida.

On March 28th, Dr. Larry Kawa, an orthodontist in Boca Raton, Florida, hosted an event for American Courage PAC, a conservative PAC, of which he is President. It was an upscale private complimentary dinner paid for by the PAC. In his introduction of the keynote speaker, Ann Coulter, Dr. Kawa gave a presentation that has now become widely acclaimed as being “The Speech Someone Needed To Make.” Video link to the presentation: http://vimeo.com/63622812

He demonstrated in clear terms our overspending and clarified “FAIR SHARE,” which no one else has done. He shows that the problem is wasteful spending, not that the nation is undertaxed. He shows how this path is unsustainable and uses a PowerPoint presentation along with dominoes and cards to make the obvious points no one else has made…

Also in attendance were such notables as RNC co-chair Sharon Day, former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, and some of Palm Beach and the United States’ largest Republican donors and most passionate Party supporters. In response to his overwhelmingly positive feedback, he has offered to volunteer to give the same presentation at other venues for both Republicans and Democrats interested in this topic.

Kawa previously described Fox News host Sean Hannity as “my tutor,” according to a story last year in the Sun-Sentinal.

Lingle’s continued visibility on the GOP circuit got a back-handed mention on NBC News earlier this month:

Thursday night, after former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown refused to rule out a run for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire against Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, national Democrats chuckled.

“Is it possible to quote someone laughing?” the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s national press secretary, Justin Barasky, asked.

The committee’s executive director, Guy Cecil, chimed in with a tongue-in-cheek tweet wondering, “if Linda Lingle would like the cold Colorado winters. She would make a great NRSC recruit there.” (Lingle, a former governor of Hawaii, ran unsuccessfully for a Senate seat in the Aloha State in 2012).

Meanwhile, MauiTime’s Anthony Pignataro noted Lingle’s appointment to something called the U.S. Energy Security Council.

I’m sorry–aren’t you familiar with the U.S. Energy Security Council (USESC to its close friends)? Well, according to its website (Usesc.org), it was formed way back in 2011, apparently to find a place to stick all our out-of-work white, male corporate and government officials. There are former defense secretaries (Harold Brown, William Perry), elected officials (Jeff Bingaman, Gary Hart), generals (Barry McCaffrey), Hawaii Superferry executives (John Lehman), Federal Reserve chairmen (Alan Greenspan), CIA directors (R. James Woolsey), Iran-Contra conspirators (Robert McFarlane) and Las Vegas Sands President Mike Leven, because apparently he’s in everything these days.

So what’s Lingle up to? And who is paying her expenses as she travels the country?

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  1. Richard Gozinya

    He ….. uses a PowerPoint presentation along with dominoes and cards……

    Alrighty then. I had some doubts but if he has dominoes and cards too, well, I’m in.

  2. Many thanks, Ian, for this info.

  3. Ah yes. The U.S. Energy Security Council — where political zombies go to be with their friends.

  4. “Where in the world is Linda Lingle?”

    funny. i was asking the same question 6 years ago!!!!!

  5. Why are you and Borreca so intent on reminding us of our eight-year nightmare in which my wife was robbed of income and my daughter a chunk of her public educationbby by this backward governor who was most devoted to serving expensive French booze to her Chinese buddies?

    Not to add the one who ruined Hilo’s best hotel (Naniloa) with a reckless multi-year lease to a proven failure; who closed our prison and destroyed its records like the true marauder she was; blocked development of our university ; and played pals with international criminals during her rotten watch.

    Look at 2012’s election outcome, Voters gave her a most scathing review Please let her die in her waste..

  6. Why does anyone really care what she’s doing or who’s paying for it? I know I don’t.

  7. I won’t repeat here my nickname for Ms Lingle.

    I spoke with her once, briefly, at the Kailua 4th of July parade in 2010. I told her that I wanted her to support the civil union bill which was coming up before her – the one that she of course vetoed two days later.

    I was offended that she consulted religious leaders on matters of state law.

    I was offended at her excuse as to why she believed that same-sex unions weren’t a civil rights issue.

    I will never understand how a person who is a member of a group of people, which has been deliberately and repeatedly discriminated against can in their minds, justify doing the same thing to others.

    If I never hear of Ms Lingle again, I’m quite ok with that.

    • This response always intrigues me. Unless I’m confused, the Dems who failed to override the veto are also culpable for the failure of the legislation. Why does Lingle receive the blame when there was no will among the Dems?

      • Do you think she was right to veto the bill?

        My problems with Ms Lingle do not depend on whether or not I have problems with others.

        If I state that I’m against the war in Afghanistan, do I need to immediately list all of the other wars which I’m against? If I don’t, does that invalidate my opinion about the war in Afghanistan?

        The topic at issue is Ms Lingle not Hawaii politics in general.

        • My thoughts on her actions are immaterial.

          The fact of the matter is that legislative rules and procedures allowed for an override of her veto, and that was not pursued by the Dems. So I think it’s disingenuous at best to blame her for the failure of the legislation. It’s easy pick the low-hanging fruit when it’s politically convenient, but the fact of the matter is that the legislation failed because the majority party didn’t override. Indeed, the topic at hand is Lingle, but let’s not pretend she operated in a vacuum and that her executive decisions could not have been mitigated by other parties.

          • Disingenuous to blame democrats because they didn’t have the two thirds required to over ride a veto. A weak GOP has led to true conservatives joining the democratic party. This make over riding a conservative governors veto difficult.

          • Jeff,

            You’re looking for an argument where there isn’t one. The topic, again, was Ms Lingle.

            My comment reflected my only personal interaction with her. It reflected my disappointment in HER approach to, and HER thoughts on the issue mentioned in my post. What I think about the overall process and others involved is irrelevant to this post.

            That you want to make this into a Republican vs Democrat argument is fine, but that’s not the discussion I was having, nor will have in here.

            • Mac,
              First, thank you for your reply. In retrospect, my broad question was probably best left off your specific response. I do understand what you are saying, particularly as it relates to Lingle as an individual and your personal feelings based on a specific piece of legislation.

              I guess I just don’t understand why statements of that ilk are never followed by “and the Dems who didn’t support the legislation are equally responsible for its failure.”

              Anyway, sorry for hijacking your reply.

    • Easy answer:
      Because being a “democrat” in Hawaii is NOT tied with being socially progressive and liberal. On the mainland, Lingle is still known as a RINO – Republican in Name Only. In Hawaii, way too many state Legislators are DINOs. For further evidence of this, just look at this state’s ridiculously regressive tax structure based on the dinosaur-age GET. (Comment edited)

      • Comment edited, duly noted.

        I will cease the abuse of those incendiary EXCLAMATION POINT symbols.


      • Tim’s argument is one I have made previously both here and elsewhere. In Hawaii the labels mean NOTHING. Democrat, republican, progressive, liberal, conservative are designations which, as a practical matter, are meaningless. Any Hawaii politician with a lick of sense knows that if you want to get elected you better run as a democrat and, at least on the surface, make noises like a democrat no mater what your core beliefs. They check the polls to learn what to say, gag down innumerable plates of stew and rice or whatever else is necessary.

        One thing that you have to acknowledge about Linda Lingle is that WE got what WE elected. She was mayor of Maui for two terms (IIRC), a known quantity and a Republican to boot, so there should have been no surprises. We may not have gotten the governor we thought or hoped we were getting but we got the one WE elected.

  8. Jerry the First

    I always thought her arrival on the scene was sort of mysterious – not your immediate picture of a Molokai person popping into the primordial soup of Hawaii Republican politics. So, I’m thinking that “fading away” is not generally the fate of Hawaii politicians (we are usually stuck with them forever) and she will once again be on the scene. I just hope the few remaining appointees she subjected us to will be skulking out of their commission seats soon and fading into memory too. Thanks for the maniacs.

  9. Gov Lingle has been seen making appearances in the foreign relations community and at STEM-based events. Why is is this significant?

    Key figures from her inner circle (particularly Bob Lee and Lenny Klompus) are engaged in these communities. Despite the significant loss in 2012, her campaign team is highly organized. And although she has not been a party person in the past me vs we), lending such organization to a high-profile campaign could help a candidate.

    None of this may matter, but it is interesting to consider.

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