Another morning in Kaaawa

Father's Day The weather was almost perfect when we were out walking early this morning. It’s still not officially summer, but it sure felt like summer. Light wind, scattered clouds, clear sun. The ocean was a bit choppy, and the sunrise colors didn’t quite get to a peak. So I found myself paying more attention to what was going on away from the ocean/sunrise views that usually garner most attention at this time of day.

–> See a few more images from Father’s Day morning in Kaaawa.

7 responses to “Another morning in Kaaawa

  1. Unless you had a lot of cats on your walk this morning, you’ve posted the wrong link.

    Such a beautiful day here today. Enjoy!

  2. ohiaforest3400

    As I write this, the link(s) give us some great cat shots, but no Kaaawa scenery. Was that the intent?

  3. Ian, would you do me, and maybe others, a favor and set your parameters so that the gallery opens in a new window. You often do on the feline Friday pictures. Otherwise, rather than just closing the child window in order to get back to the blog you need to go back, back, back, back through the entire series of pictures. Thanks.

  4. Love your pictures, hate the power lines.

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