July 20, 1969: Moon landing

We were driving into town this morning when NPR reminded me of the significance of the date.

I know exactly where we were the day they first walked on the moon.

Palo Alto. We were sitting around my sister’s house with Bonnie and her then-husband, watching the moon landing unfold on their little B&W television.

moon landing

This image of the television reminds me that quite a lot of time has passed.

4 responses to “July 20, 1969: Moon landing

  1. I was in Florida getting ready to re-start my college education @ the Univ. of Florida.

  2. I was in grand Waipio Valley as part of a Big Island Press Club trip that day. Imagine the contrast between exploring this ancient Hawaiian site and man arriving on the moon.

  3. I was in Tokyo on vacation from the Peace Corps and watched it on TV’s set up in store windows.

  4. cheryl from colorado

    I was 9 years old, sitting with my two younger sisters in our pajamas. Our father got us out of bed to watch the moon landing on TV.

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