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Welcome to the last Feline Friday of 2013

December 27th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Cats, Photographs

RomeoIt’s been a long week for Mr. Romeo. He got out of the hospital in Kaneohe last Saturday, and was sent home with two medications and a bandaged front leg, where he had a small accidental cut suffered when they were removing the intravenous drip. Of course, it took him only a few days to get that bandage off and expose the three staples, and giving us visions of swallowed staples making their own new medical problem. So Romeo’s making a quick trip back to the vet today, and hopefully those staples can be removed.

Meanwhile, he is tolerating his antibiotic. But he loves the prazosin, which is in some kind of fish-flavored mix. He opens his mouth and lets me shoot it in, then cries for more when it’s gone.

He has another week to go on the antibiotics. Luckily he’s being good about it. And, so far at least, he’s peeing on his own. Whew.

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  • Curtis

    So have you thought about changing the diet for ALL of your cats? Especially for the males? Considering the male urethra and crystallines? And the painful bill and Romeo’s pain. May be cheaper in the long term to pay more now. Just a food for thought. Happy Friday. CD for everyone. Festivus for the rest of us.

    • Ian Lind

      We’re already moving in that direction. Luckily, Toby likes Romeo’s new food. So do Kili and Wally. Harriet and Annie are so-so on it. And I’m not sure whether I should let Duke in on it, since he’s on a diabetic diet. So far, so good.

  • cwd

    How do your cats deal with New Year’s Eve fireworks. We open the closets and drawers for ours, but our passed-along Saturn The Dog who weighed well over 100 lbs. used to (try) to crawl into our laps.

    The so-called neighbors spend about $2000 every year on fireworks – including illegal ones.

    • Ian Lind

      Most of the cats disappear into closets or under the bed at the first small pop. A couple are only disturbed by the window-rattling bunker busters that detonate now and then. We used to drug them, but that causes us more anxiety. So now it’s just run and hide.

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