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Hawaian Tel closed on weekends??

December 28th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Business, Consumer issues

I just called Hawaiian Telcom’s “customer service” office to make a change in our telephone account.

I was surprised–no, shocked–to find out that the Hawaiian Tel office providing such services is only open M-F, and they shut down daily at 5:30 pm.

It’s like a flashback to the 1950s!

I’ve complained about Oceanic’s customer service sometimes in the past, but at least they are available on weekends and evenings.

This is making it hard for me to see Hawaiian Tel as a serious choice for expanded services like broadband and television. There seem to be too many voids in their system. Some readers have commented that Hawaiian Tel is fine once you get services set up. That may be true, but this seems to reflect a pretty weird business model in this mobile, 24/7 world.

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  • ohiaforest3400

    No landline, no television, no computer. My home is a refuge with audio from HPR, telecom — as needed — from the smartphone, problem (mostly) solved.

  • lowtech

    It took me about three months until my new H-telcom broadband service was usable. Among other problems, there was no ‘clean’ line available in my Kaneohe neighborhood. I cut the speed to save money over oceanic, and have had crackerjack service for the last few months on a +/- $25.99/mo. promo (warning: includes $2.95/mo. ‘wireless gateway’ charge). Oceanic can eat my dust with their spotty feed–no more dropped voip calls and unexplained web hangs. No regrets (until the 1 yr. promo expires….)

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