Dinner on a wet Sunday: Beef shanks with kale

It was a cold, wet Sunday afternoon in Kaaawa, perfect for a slow-cooked meal.

Vegans need not read any further.

So after a short afternoon nap, I dug a couple of beef shanks out of the freezer. I think these were both from Times Supermarket in Kaneohe, which has shanks at reasonable prices from time to time.

The large cast iron Dutch Oven went on the stove to heat, and I turned on the oven to a low temperature at the same time. Into the Dutch Oven went two chopped onions and some olive oil. Onions browned, stirred frequently, while the shanks got a bit thawed in the microwave. Once the onions were nice and brown, in went the shanks to brown on both sides.

Then I added minced garlic, a hot pepper or two, a sprinkle of thyme, and a cup or two of red wine, a pinch of salt, and a few small carrots, cut into smaller pieces. These were for flavor. More carrots to be added later.

I added a few leftover mushrooms found in the refrigerator, washed and sliced, but decided against adding celery because I didn’t want it to dominate the flavor, which it will easily do.

I covered the pot, then it all went into the oven. I probably had the oven set for 250°or so. After 60 or 90 minutes, I washed most of a bunch of fresh kale, then added it into the pot and put it all back into the oven for another 30 minutes or so. Finally, I added a handful or two of baby carrots, added another cup or so of water, put it all back into the oven. I think I turned the oven up closer to 300° until the carrots were tender.

When it was ready to go, I stirred in about 1/4 cup of flour to thicken the gravy, then served over brown rice, with a side of peas and an inexpensive Malbec by Barefoot. The kale adds a nice dimension to this “comfort food” standby.

It turned out to be a tasty way to spend the afternoon.

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Sunday dinner

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  1. ” . . . a cup or two of red wine . . . ”

    My kinda cook . . . sounds and looks great! And surely nap-inducing.

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