Feline Friday on Saturday: Annie has an adventure

Ms. AnnieMs. Annie welcomes you to Feline Friday. Today she has a tale to tell.

The day started out normally. I was up early as usual, cleaning cat dishes and getting ready to dish out breakfast by 5:30 or so.

Ms. Wally gets fed first, mostly to keep her from clawing at my leg trying to get attention. Then comes Kili, who will jump up onto the counter to steal Wally’s food unless I get her dish in place quickly. By this time, Duke, Romeo, and Toby are lined up at my feet, waiting impatiently. Duke gets diabetic diet, so his gets scooped up separately. Romeo and Toby get a diet that breaks up urinary crystals. Once they are munching away, I turn to the last two, Harriet and Annie. Today Harriet was ready, so she got the next dish. Annie, though, was nowhere to be seen.

Annie? Annie? Did she go outside? Neither of us remembered her making a break for freedom last night, since it was raining out. Meda said she thought she heard a cat crying in the night but didn’t worry because all our cats were inside. So we called, looked around outside the house, came back in. No sign of Annie.

So off we went on our early morning walk. On our return…still no Annie. Now it’s getting serious.

So the search began at the beginning. This time, Meda again heard a small cry. And the mystery was solved. Apparently Annie climbed into my dresser drawer when I went to bed last night. When Meda followed, some minutes later, she pulled open the drawer above, trapping Annie in the lower drawer. And she was apparently stuck there all night, and part of the morning, until discovered. She emerged happily, and seems none the worse for wear.

And so it goes in our kitty household.

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3 responses to “Feline Friday on Saturday: Annie has an adventure

  1. Billie Jo Waugh

    I’m surprised you don’t run into this sort of thing more often. We’ve had cats go missing for various stretches of time too – sneaking into closets unnoticed being the most common cause. However, those pressure sensitive latches used on some cupboards and cabinets have resulted in a couple of lengthy disappearances. One or another of our cats will accidentally bump a door hard enough for the catch to release. Their humans – us – have learned to check for occupancy, when we notice a door ajar, prior to closing said door.

  2. Oh, boy, are you ever going to get your shoes peed in!

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