Hey, Wha’ Happen?

An astute reader asks:

no ilind entry for Feb 23. did we miss something? was it supposed to be posted but instead was sent to cyberland?

Good question, Mr. Sharp Eyes…

First, the set-up.

If you were watching closely for clues, you might have noticed that I wasn’t blogging from Kaaawa last week.

I was, instead, accompanying Dr. Meda to one of her large professional conferences of the year. The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences was meeting in Philadelphia, Tuesday thru Saturday of last week. After holding our breath the week before watching reports of the blizzard that blew through the region, we flew into Philly at the beginning of the week.

26 degreesIt got “warmer” later in the week, but there was one morning of snow, and it never got to what we would have considered “warm.”

While Meda did the conference, appearing on one panel and running to catch up with colleagues and co-authors from other campuses, as well as meetings of at least one editorial board and another ACJS division, I hunkered down and tried to keep the blog fed without interruption.

We also both managed to catch colds, and coughed and sniffled our way through the week at a somewhat reduced speed.

If you didn’t notice any of this, that’s a good thing, as other people have counseled me about disclosing when we’re out of town.

Oh–the missing Sunday post? I thought that I had successfully scheduled the post about the California political corruption indictments to be “published” on Sunday morning, Hawaii time. Apparently I blew it, but only discovered it when we were already in transit early Sunday morning (around midnight Hawaii time) and it was just too late to add another Sunday post. I just had to let it go.

So that’s the long answer to a short, pointed question.

Oh, did you recognize the “wha’ happen?” phrase in the title of this post? That’s from Fred Willard’s character in “Mighty Wind,” a great Christopher Guest mockumentary. If you’ve never seen it, it is worth tracking down.

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  1. Mr. Mike in Hilo

    I’m positive that many people noticed that there had been no new post and checked back all day. These things happen.

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