Giveaway deadline extended: “Free” is harder to give away than I expected

On Monday, I announced an opportunity win a free 1-year subscription to PressReader, a portal to access more than 2,200 newspapers and magazines around the world (“News Junkie Alert: Win a 1-year subscription to PressReaders’ 2200+ publications“).

All you need to do is leave a comment suggesting what publications you’re most interested in. More details are found in Monday’s post.

The next morning, this site experienced a significant meltdown when a barrage of “comment spam” hit my hosting service, and they responded by declaring the account “suspended.”

In the meantime, there have been few people indicating an interest in winning the subscription.

Does this reflect a limited interest in accessing additional sources of news? Or did readers miss Monday’s announcement?

I’m not sure, but just in case, I’m extending the deadline. Originally, the deadline was set at midnight tonight. I’m now extending that until midnight this Sunday, March 2.

At that point, I’ll randomly select one of those who commented on Monday’s post as the winner. To do this, I’ll number the comments, then use a random number generator to select a number in the same range.

The winner will be notified on Monday.

5 responses to “Giveaway deadline extended: “Free” is harder to give away than I expected

  1. any and all it wood be neat to win

  2. I am most interested in major cities, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu. Also the Christian Science Monitor.

  3. I am interested. Interested in WSJ, NYPost, Sacremento Bee, and all NI publications

  4. Thanks! I didn’t know about PressReader. I like to read a variety of big city newspapers – Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal – but so many are behind firewalls, I can’t afford to subscribe to all of them.

  5. Please include me in your drawing. I am interested in any newspapers from the Middle East and Asia, but all news sources outside of U.S. and in U.S. are of interest. Thanks! We are in rural Big Island and with no TV so internet news is it (and better).

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