Please report problems with captcha when commenting

Have you tried to leave a comment, only to be rejected repeatedly when trying to enter the displayed “captcha” code?

If so, please let me know. I’ve heard from two people who had this problem. Both are regular readers, and both say they tried repeatedly, without success, to enter the correct code.

As you may recall, I installed this screening mechanism on the advice of my hosting service after experiencing a glut of “comment spam” and being temporarily shut down.

If you run into a similar problem, please let me know (email And you can always email me your comment, and I’ll bypass the system and post it.

11 responses to “Please report problems with captcha when commenting

  1. I wonder if problems are browser-related. (I’m using Opera)

  2. Problems might be related to upper-vs-lower case, presence or absence of a space

  3. Submitted from my android phone

  4. Happened to me twice.

  5. It happened to me at least once, but I’m a persistent person & was able to get in eventually.

  6. Constantinos S. Papacostas

    One of several possible causes may be the need to enable cookies.

  7. Problem occurred on Safari on mobile phone.
    Worked on Safari on laptop

  8. T _-^-e->_S>-t>-I -NG123

  9. No problems on a first-gen iPad.

  10. No problems for me on an iPad 2.

  11. Ian, I just had an error message on three attempts to reply on your “Investigative Reporting” post

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