Kitten update: Success!

Sometimes a picture is worth, well, an awful lot.

A beautiful letter And I think that was the case with the pictures featured here a few days ago. These seem to have made a difference.

As of Sunday night, it appears that all seven of the wonderful kittens in this litter may have found forever families.

One Kailua family is adopting three of them–perhaps the three that were featured in the photos.

Two other females when to a couple of UH professors.

One calico is, at last count, staying in Kaaawa. And another kitten is waiting a couple of weeks to join another Kailua household.

All in all, this rescue was a success.

Now I have to find out about the young mother that gave birth to these kittens. She’s now been “fixed,” and is a beautiful calico. If we find her a good home, it will be a clean sweep!

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word!

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  1. Great News! those photos were wonderful-

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