Hear from a nonviolent advocate on the ground in Ferguson

The American Friends Service Committee, a national service and advocacy organization grounded in the Quaker’s faith in the power of nonviolence, presented a one-hour panel discussion this morning with focused on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Injustice in the justice system” featured Joshua Saleem, Peace Education Director, who has been working with youth in Ferguson, and Lewis Webb, Jr., AFSC Project Coordinator on the New Jim Crow Project in New York.?

As a Quaker organization that believes in the worth of every person, we call on people of goodwill—especially those with privilege and power—to join us in addressing the systemic and structural racism at the roots of Mike Brown’s death—and that of so many others nationwide.?

The discussion included comments on the media bias which focused on a small number of people who participated in looting and violence, while failing to report things like the training sessions in nonviolence were held in conjunction with public protests.

The program was offered live as a Google video “hangout,” which worked surprisingly well to bring together speakers in different parts of the country.

It was recorded and is now available for delayed viewing.

AFSC offers a variety of resources as part of its “Ending Racism” program, which are worth looking at.

And you can get word on upcoming “hangouts” on other issues by following #afsc on Twitter or on Facebook.

3 responses to “Hear from a nonviolent advocate on the ground in Ferguson

  1. Or…. the “biased” media could have shown more images of peaceful demonstrations had they sent out camera crews to cover rallies in support of Officer Darren Wilson.


    But no. If the mainstream media is only interested in airing the viewpoint of only side of the story,…. if reporters/editors are more interested in covering the pro-Michael Brown protests thinking there are more opportunities to earn Emmys and Pulitizers by capturing chaos and violence (a la Watts and Rodney King riots), then what you see on TV and read in the papers is what you get.

    Just for the record, I’m not taking sides here and rushing to judgement. Much more interested in learning about the facts and evidence of the case rather than than listening to the fiery rhetoric of politicians, media talking heads, and all the other usual suspects.

  2. Mr. Mike in Hilo

    Thank you for sharing this, Ian. It is good to know that the American Friends Service Committee is active in Ferguson.

  3. It would be interesting tv to see the media spotlight switch from the little guys with the shopping carts on public property to spotlight the big corporate boys evicting local people for their greedy projects.

    Local people like those being evicted in Kahuku Village and across the islands are at the mercy of these ruthless corporations. It would be great to reverse the spotlight.

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