Daily Archives: February 4, 2017

Seattle judge who blocked Trump’s immigration order was a classmate

It wasn’t until I got a text from an old college friend this morning that I realized the Seattle judge who issued the temporary restraining order against the Trump executive order on immigration was a classmate of ours at Whitman College.

Jim Robart is no flaming leftist. He was appointed by President Bush the second. And he’s a very smart guy with a good reputation as a judge and an attorney.

After connecting the dots, I looked up the documents in the case (Washington v Trump), which are available online, including a video of the TRO hearing.

I haven’t listened to the back and forth between the lawyers in that hearing, which should be very interesting, if the motion for the TRO filed by the State of Washington is any indication.

Here’s one brief excerpt.

The Executive Order has both the intent and effect of discriminating based on national origin and religion, in violation of the Constitution. Strict scrutiny applies, and the order fails utterly. Even if rational basis review applied, the Order would fail because it is motivated by discriminatory animus and bears no relationship to its purported ends. While preventing terrorist attacks is an important goal, the order does nothing to further that purpose by denying admission to children fleeing Syria’s civil war, to refugees who valiantly assisted the U.S. military in Iraq, or to law-abiding high-tech workers who have lived in Washington for years. The Order also violates the Immigration and Nationality Act.

In short, the Order is illegal, is causing and will continue to cause irreparable harm in Washington, and is contrary to the public interest. The Court should fulfill its constitutional
role as a check on executive abuse and temporarily bar enforcement of the Order nationwide.

I highly recommend reading through the 27-page motion to understand the various issues that are at play.

I admit that I haven’t yet watched all of the video of the hearing. Instead, I jumped forward to the 57-minute mark, where Judge Robert began laying out his decision in careful and precise terms. Thank goodness for the courts.

I’m proud of our classmate. Thanks, Jim, for standing up for the rule of law. Donald Trump embarrasses himself and his administration by attacking this judge, and this ruling, in his typically shallow and abusive way.