Feline Friday: Stepping back a decade

Mr. Leo It was mid-February in 2006, a decade ago.

This is Mr. Leo. What a great but neurotic cat he was! Leo was small, but somehow thought that he needed to step up and be the Alpha Male. It wasn’t a role he was suited for, but how he tried!

Anyway, at that time, our household included nine cats. I could tick them off quickly…Kili, Wally, Leo, Harry, Dukie, Tobey, Annie, Romeo, Silverman. That list was in the order of adoption, except for Silverman. In strict order, he should have followed Leo and preceded Ms. Harry (also know as Harriet). But for years, he was somewhat elusive, once disappeared for several months, and I think I just wasn’t sure how to account for him. Hence his spot at the end of the list, which in no way reflects on the size of his presence.

But just to make the point, Silverman was absent during this particular week and is the only one that doesn’t appear in this set of photos.

We were all younger then, and the cats were all very good looking!

Ms. Kili inherited the role of Queen of the House from the previous generation’s matriarch, Miki. When push came to shove, Kili would pretty much get her way, and none of the other cats would try to push her around. If they did, they would earn a painful swat on the nose or some other vital part.

Today, our census is down to just four, almost a rational number of cats. How I miss those who are now gone!

–> Check out what the feline family looked like in 2006!

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  1. FINE looking cats and it sure is amazing an entire decade has passed since they were so young…kind of like us…lol How did WE get so old?

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