Interesting interview with Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz has a good interview with Brian Schatz today (“A progressive senator explains why his colleagues are “too fussy” about decorum“).

Jeff Stein writes:

One of the most progressive members of the Senate, Schatz says opposing Republicans when necessary should take precedence over worrying about any impact on Senate “decorum” and rules.

“What a luxury to be in this gilded place, this literally gilded place, and worry about decorum,” he says in an interview. He adds, “We get too fussy about the perceived natural order of things and institutional prerogatives. All of that stuff has to go over time.”

While walking to his office in the Hart Senate Office Building, Schatz discussed the decline of cross-aisle Senate friendships, the fight over the censure of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and whether Democrats should filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The exchange has been edited for clarity.

We don’t often get to read this interviews like this with members of our Washington delegation.

Congratulations to Brian for drawing this kind of positive attention.

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Ian, for alerting us to that article. It is gratifying to see Senator Schatz getting established, finding his way, in D.C.

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