New wave damage at Kualoa Park

A letter in the Star-Advertiser this morning points to graphic evidence of the effects of sea level rise.

The letter by Paul Brandon includes a link to his YouTube video of Kualoa Regional Park on Sunday, following high surf and high tides. The drone video clearly shows areas between the shoreline and the parking area where waves surged during recent weeks and covered large parts of the lawn.

As former residents of nearby Kaaawa for nearly 30 years, this hits home.

Brandon writes:

As a regular walker in the park for the past 32 years, I have watched the coastline get chopped away bit by bit and watched the sand cover more and more of the lawn. This year, for the first time, the ocean overflowed the large lawn of the park during high surf a few weeks ago. There is every reason to expect that this phenomenon will occur regularly during high east surf.

Brandon fears we’re not doing enough to respond to climate change and sea level rise. I’m afraid he’s right.

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