Throwback Thursday: In our Kaaawa kitchen

As I recall, I got this t-shirt during the period of the late-1990s when I was cooking with habanero peppers.

These are among the hottest of the hot peppers available, and I would dice a pepper and throw it my cooking. It made for hot pasta sauces, hot curries, hot stir fry meals. The problem was that, in retrospect, the peppers were really too hot for the way I was using them. They overpowered everything. Meda finally pulled the plug when she said she decided she could not eat certain of my concoctions.

So the habanero has been banished from the kitchen. Instead, we’re growing and harvesting those little local red peppers. I have to admit that I don’t know the name for this variety.

Note part of my former Hawaiian Treasure Craft collection in the background. Unfortunately, I discovered that the humid, salty air blowing in from the ocean attacked the plain brown glaze on most of the pieces. I finally gave my collection away to save it. That was a difficult decision.

In the kitchen

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  1. Ian,

    My brother-in-law (Judith’s brother) developed a habanero pepper sauce, Prince of Peppers, with limited release and sales in Seattle in the 1990s. We are still using 2 remaining bottles for very hot cooking.


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