Feline Friday: Mr. Toby steals the show

Welcome to Feline Friday!

Mr. Toby

That’s Mr. Toby on the dining table early one morning this week.

The first order of morning business is feeding the cats.

After that, Meda and I are usually at the table checking email and reading the news before we walk over to Kahala Beach to watch the sunrise. Toby plants himself in the middle of the action and demands our full attention. You can see the corner of Meda’s iPad, as Toby settles in and solicits some serious petting. If we fail to respond appropriately, he’ll push his way in until the purring cat is impossible to ignore.

Later, once he’s satisfied with the amount of attention he’s received, Toby moves over to a chair in the living room and starts one of those long cat naps.

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2 responses to “Feline Friday: Mr. Toby steals the show

  1. I love your Toby. He gives me a glimpse of two of our late cats, Tiger and Buddy. I will always miss them.

  2. I also love to look at Toby and he reminds me of JoJo…what a sweetie!

    I do have a question…Romeo has such a LONG face. Is he a special breed of cat? When we had our cat, similar to Toby, we were told of a breed he looked like. Now in my 70’s I forget what it was but thought with Romeo have such a severe chin he might have a breed attached.

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