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Road rage suspect did time in the 1990s

If you live in Honolulu, you most likely saw news reports about an apparent road rage incident in which a 31-year old man was shot and killed.

The suspect in the shooting was identified as 72-year old retired firefighter and Aiea resident, Darryl Freeman.

It didn’t take any special digging to turn up this short item published in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin back on December 22, 1999.

It seems Freeman served prison time for both state and federal crimes back in the 1990s.

Question: What ever happened to Darryl Freeman, the former Waiau battalion fire chief sentenced in 1993 to state and federal prison terms involving convictions for theft, firearms violations, tax evasion, mail fraud and racketeering to defraud insurance companies with false claims of stolen cars? Why was his house not confiscated as his sentencing indicated?

Answer: Freeman was paroled on his state term April 24, 1996, and was released from his federal sentence on Oct. 4 this year.

“He is under supervision with us and serving a term of supervised release,” said Betty Taylor, chief U.S. probation officer, District of Hawaii.

“At the time of sentencing the court didn’t order any confiscation. He was ordered to make restitution, which we’re in the process of having him make. There was no order at the time of sentencing to confiscate his house.”

On June 7, 1993, U.S. District Judge Harold Fong ordered Freeman to pay some $216,000 in restitution to insurance companies, and Freeman began serving his prison terms a short time later.

Bonnie’s orchid

After my sister died last October, I spent quite some time trying to do basic cleaning and organizing of the stuff in her apartment, which had suffered months of neglect.

One of the apparent victims was an orchid plant, which I think she may have been given after being released from the hospital sometime in mid-August. When I first saw it, I thought it was an artificial plant. But sometime later, I realized the “artificial plant” was suddenly looking quite dried up and wilted. I brought it home, but then asked our friend George out in Kaaawa if he would try to rescue it. George has quite a green thumb, but I thought the plant might be too far gone for even his skills.

But I was wrong. This morning, we saw the dramatic result of his care and nurturing. It now has a half-dozen blooms and a number of others waiting to open!

She would have loved to see it now.

Click to see a larger photo.