Daily Archives: April 5, 2017

A small example of public service

We arrived in Portland mid-day on Tuesday, caught the light rail from the airport to the Pioneer Courthouse Square downtown, then walked a block to the conference hotel (the Portland Hilton).

The square, a downtown landmark, is mostly closed for renovations.

But as we walked past the square, I saw this notice on one of the construction fences. Here in Portland, with this central public park and its restrooms closed for renovations, the public was provided a clear notice, along with a list of alternate public restrooms AND a map showing their locations.

Local government

I doubt it cost much additional to add this message to the fence. But it took an attitude towards serving the public that is sorely lacking in Honolulu. Back home, I doubt city planners wouldn’t even have thought of such a thing.

This is one reason to travel. We get some perspective on our situation at home. Too often we find that Honolulu is far from a progressive city.