Daily Archives: April 6, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Bonnie & Ian

I dredged up some old photos to display at my sister’s memorial service last week.

This was one of them.

My sister, Bonnie, was obviously enjoying hauling me around the neighborhood. We had shoes on. Was it a special occasion? Who knows, but she was in charge.

The picture is taken along Makaiwa Street, not far from our family home in Kahala. You just had to go through the back hedge and along the driveway of the neighbors’ house which fronted onto Makaiwa, and there you were. Our neighbors apparently didn’t mind, so there are several surviving photos of Bonnie walking with me along back along Makaiwa.

Yes, that is me. I hope I’m just sucking my thumb and not picking my nose.

Aloha, Bonnie.

Around 1949