Daily Archives: April 14, 2017

Sunrise on Good Friday

This was the scene at the Waialae Beach Park when we got there this morning. We’re leaving earlier on on daily walk, but the sun was already up when we got down the block to the park. I guess another schedule change is in order!

Just click on the photo to see a larger version! It’s worth it.


Feline Friday: Waltz us around again

[text]Yup. It’s Friday. And that makes it another Feline Friday. And Good Friday to boot.

This week Romeo welcomes you from one of his favorite spots, on our dining table next where I sit and work on my laptop. Once he’s in position, Romeo is a fierce harasser. He either wants food (easy to remedy) or he just wants attention (much harder to remedy). Sometimes he wants to sit in my lap while I work, which is fine until he gets restless or I want to get up from my chair. Other times he just wants to disrupt. He encroaches on the keyboard. He claws me when I try to push him away. He should be a bill collector or something, as he is full of very effective strategies.

Romeo doesn’t know that I’ve gotten the postcard from our vet indicating that he’s is due for a regular check-up. I suppose that’s good, in case his fussing results from some underlying physical ailment. Hopefully he won’t figure it out and hide when his appointment approaches.

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