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Young Progressives group calls legislative session a failure

Here’s an interesting perspective on the 2017 legislative session from a group of young activists.

The list (at the bottom of this post) appears on the Facebook page of Young Progressives Demanding Action, which shows over 1,000 members in its Facebook group.

The group is also backing a “Feel the Fourth” demonstration on Thursday morning (May 4), the final day of this year’s legislative session.

Here’s some of what they have to say:

Unfortunately, a great number of bills that would have helped Hawaii’s workers and families died this session because our legislative body continues to play politics with the future of our people rather than serving the best interests of our communities.

Bills that would have increased the minumum wage and provided workers with paid family leave; bills that would have protected against domestic violence in our communities, discrimination in our healthcare access, captive labor in our fishing fleets; bills that would have protected public health and the resiliancy of our environment; bills that would have funded programs to help our houseless brothers and sisters get back on their feet; bills that would have provided funding for our public schools; bills that would have supported native Hawaiian land access rights; and more all failed to be advanced this year, despite strong public support and the best efforts of organizing groups.

So it’s time for us to unite as a community and let our legislators feel the will of the people with a strong showing of community power. Thursday May 4, from 7 – 8:30 a.m. (the last day of session), concerned citizens will line Miller Street holding signs condemning the legislature’s failure, once again, to support the people. Miller Street is the lane that leads directly into the capitol building parking garage. Legislators will have to drive past their constituents and see their messages reminding our elected officials of their duty to the electorate.

This action is to let our elected officials know that their continued failure to work for the people will not be tolerated. It is intended to put them on notice that we are watching and we are mobilizing our community to take charge of our own future.

(Note: While YPDA is hosting this event on Facebook, this is a community-driven event fueled by our collective people power.)

It’s great to see another generation engaged in the issues!

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