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Throwback Thursday: Freedom of the Press Award – 1985

In March 1985, I received a “Freedom of the Press Award” from the Hawaii Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. At the time, I was working as director of Common Cause Hawaii, and was heavily involved in lobbying for strengthening amendments to laws providing public access to government meetings and records.

According to a Honolulu Advertiser article about the award:

Ian Lind, executive director of Common Cause/Hawaii, was honored by Hawaii’s professional journalists yesterday for “taking a strong stand for freedom of information and rigorously supporting an independent press, often in unpopular circumstances.

Howard Graves, president of the Hawaii chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, told an audience of about 70 that Lind is “an industrious foe of closed government” and “a nagging toothache in the centers of power.”

That’s about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me!

After the event, I visited my parents. The photo was taken at their house in Kahala, looking out into the back yard. A weird time warp, since it’s now our house and our back yard, very different (after renovations) but also the same.

SPJ Hawaii award