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Woman with cat c. 1910

I really like this old picture.

The woman is Alice Ludgate. I have to concentrate to get the family relationship right.

Allice’s mother, Sophronia (Lewis) Ludgate, was the younger sister of Kate Lewis Renton, wife of George F. Renton Sr., manager of Kohala Sugar and, later, Ewa Plantation. He managed Ewa from 1898 to his retirement in 1921.

George and Kate Renton had three sons–George Jr., James Lewis, and and Allan. James Lewis was my wife’s grandfather.

Alice Ludgate lived in the Pacific Northwest. She died in 1984. We met her several times in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She had cats throughout her life, which gives this photo of her as a young women its weight. Towards the end, when dementia was taking its toll and she was living in a care home, she had a stuffed cat which kept her company.

In any case, I find it just a charming photo, despite its age and technical flaws.

with cat

What newspapering used to look like

[text]Here’s a great look inside the production of the New York Times in a series of photos from 1942. The photographs are in the Library of Congress collection. They were recently featured on Mashable, and then picked up by Digital Photography Review, where I first saw them.

Things have changed a bit in 75 years!

When did the Honolulu newspapers move away from the traditional typesetting to computers? Anybody recall?