Feline Friday: Romeo’s on a roll

We may be traveling, but the Feline Friday show must go on!

Luckily, I came prepared with photos taken prior to our departure for the San Francisco area. This week, Romeo was very much in evidence and willing to strike a pose or two. The result is that he’s over-represented in the week’s photos.

He’s the cat most likely to stroll over to the basket of toys, fish around in it, retrieve a favorite, and start batting it around the room. Other times I’ll notice him laying alongside a chair while reaching under it to pull out a toy and start a new game. Less frequently, Annie will go into the toy basket, but it’s usually just to check out what’s there, and not to start a game of her own.

In any case, here’s the week in photos. Just click below to see all the pictures.


Feline Friday: May 19, 2017

3 responses to “Feline Friday: Romeo’s on a roll

  1. I just cannot figure out how your beautiful wood floors stay so clean with all of your cats! I’ve got 6 cats (down from 8) in the house, and even though I vacuum areas EVERY day, I still see cat fur all over the place.

    • Well, when the light is right, the cat fur and tiny bits of cat litter can be seen between sweeps with a large broom.

  2. Ian, always enjoy feline Friday as someone who can’t have animals in my rental. Saw a rather cute picture of an owner taping a square on her floor and her cat sits in it like it was a box. I wonder if you have tried that with your cats?

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