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Throwback Thursday image issue solved

Thanks to all of you who notified me that the photo in my Throwback Thursday post was not loading.

It took a while for me to solve that issue.

When I was first notified of the problem, I saw that my link to the picture was being modified, and it was the modified link that was not loading.

I had visions of being hacked, and having all visitors getting infected by some unknown bit of malware.

But the folks at the outside security service I use to defend my site,, explained the problem.

They pointed to Jetpack, a WordPress utility that provides several services, including one that is supposed to speed up loading of pictures. It was that part of Jetpack that wasn’t working and led to the error messages users were getting.

Their advice was simple. Disable that part of Jetpack. As soon as I disabled it, the problem disappeared. They provided a link to a partial explanation.

So that’s the bad news and good news. The problem caused lots of aggravation on Thursday, both to those of you trying to look at the photo and to me trying to figure it out. But it wasn’t an infection that will affect you.

Anyway, please go back and check out the photo! You’ll enjoy it.

New email subscription system

[Update: I’m still having trouble getting the email subscription system up and running again. For those who have relied on email, I would suggest using an RSS Reader for the time being until the current bugs are eliminated. Sorry for the delay, but some of this is beyond my pay grade and I’m soliciting assistance.]

After getting several complaints about erratic delivery of daily posts via email, I’m trying a new system powered by MailChimp.

Notice the new sign-up form for subscriptions at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

If you’ve signed up in the past for email delivery, you are hopefully on the list that I moved over to the new system.

With any luck, if you’re on the email subscription list, this message will arrive in your inbox soon.

Please let me know if you get double mails, or if you don’t get anything in the next few yours.

If you get your daily via an RSS reader, then this shouldn’t change anything for you (fingers crossed!).

Troubleshooting email subscriptions

I’m struggling to fix several issues affecting those of you who have signed up to receive daily posts via email.

Trying to figure out how to retool this subscription system has been driving me up the walls today.

Hopefully, you’ll bear with me as this gets worked out.

First…please let me know what happens on Tuesday.

Was there an email waiting to greet you? And, if so, was it content from January 2 or an older post from mid-December?

If you are one of the previous email subscribers, please let me know.

Some of this is above my pay grade, so feedback will help me tinker and understand was is going on and when it’s finally fixed.

Thanks in advance.

Monday miscellany

I decided to start the week by checking out a few blogs that I haven’t visited for a while. Oooh, there’s lots of good stuff out there waiting to be seen. is based in Washington State and has a caustic view of the state’s politics and, by extension, the national scene.

Check out its Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!, featuring links to a wide variety of items.

Buried down the list is this one: Democratic National Convention–A bad lip reading. Lots of fun here!

I then wandered over to Seattle-based, which bills itself as “news of the great nearby.”

Several of the current stories sound very similar.


Why huge cost overruns are so common in Seattle.”

Homeless in Seattle: The roots of a crisis.

As Seattle booms, we’re trashing our history.

Finally, I stopped by Crooks And Liars. Always interesting.

For example, here’s one featured story: “Memo To News Media: Consumers Crave Truth, Not Balance.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Our most popular clips and posts are not ones where we simply highlight and correct lies people tell on television. Those gain attention for sure, but they’re not the ones that people talk about, share, and appreciate.

Our most popular clips are the ones where the host or journalist takes on the lie head-on. Like when CNN’s Brianna Keilar refused to allow Trump surrogate and lawyer Michael Cohen bully her.

CNN reporter Kate Bolduan’s emotional report on the Syrian boy, Omran, whose family home was devastated by bombs was a moment of truth we all needed to see.

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid had several moments this week. The video at the top where she told the Trump pastor he couldn’t come on her show and lie was a great one. Or when Trump surrogate Steve Cortes found out she doesn’t suffer fools lightly, as did Jack Kingston on Friday. Earlier last week, she also let Cortes have it for whining about “liberal media.”

Anyway, it’s a good way to start a week!