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Throwback Thursday: Sharing a meal c.1985

Another cat photo for this Throwback Thursday.

This is proof that we’ve shared our table with cats for an awful long time.

I believe this dates back to about 1985 or 1986. This was our #1 cat, who lived to be about 19 years old. She routinely took a spot on the table, usually right next to my plate. She tried to be patient and wait to be offered tidbits, but often a gray paw would shoot out to snatch a bit off my fork somewhere between plate and mouth.

She died in the summer of 1988, not long after we moved to Kaaawa. She was an indoor cat in Kaaawa, but did get to visit the yard a few times before she was gone. She taught us a lot about cats, that’s for sure.


Feline Friday: January 29, 2016

Mr. TobyToby must have seen me working on yesterday’s Throwback Thursday post, which included a photo taken at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon.

That could account for why he decided to suddenly take up a new post there on a bookshelf in our living room. I’ve never seen him there before, although Annie has been spotted previously with the books.

Toby, though, was nicely color coordinated with the wood, both the bookshelf and the floor. A nice touch for the camera.

Nothing much special in the cat’s world this week. No visits from the neighbors’ cats, at least that I’m aware of. No escapes or attempted escapes.

Romeo is becoming an insistent lap cat. If I’m watching television, he is a constant. If I get up for something, I put him down, and he waits patiently. When I return, bingo, he’s back up and settled down before I even realize that I’m petting him. In the morning, he stuffs himself into the available lap even when I have my chair pulled up pretty close to the dining table (and my blogging laptop).

And if I don’t accommodate him, it gets serious. He’ll give my leg a little nip, or hold it in place with extended claws. Not enough to hurt, but more than enough to remind me that he’s there and in need of attention.

So it goes in our little world of cats.

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Two paths to Feline Friday

Mr. RomeoHere we are again, another Feline Friday. The pictures tell the story of the past week.

Last week, we had our mango trees trimmed and thinned, which has made our house much brighter. The afternoon sun reaches into the living room, which has created a zone of zonked cats. Being natural heat seekers, the cats seem to be thoroughly enjoying being in the direct sunlight. Since they no longer get to go outside, melting in the sun seems to be the next best thing.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate some feedback on the best way to share Feline Friday photos.

In recent weeks, I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom to create photo galleries. Here’s this week’s set of feline photos using the Lightroom format. I find it attractive and clean.

Here’s the same set of photos presented as a Flickr photo album. I’ve been fiddling with Flickr again after years of neglecting it. One key advantage is that you can leave comments on individual photographs.

I’m interesting in hearing what you think of the two ways of sharing this weekly dose of cats. Any preferences? Or other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Feline Friday: Romeo confronts the intruder

Mr. RomeoRomeo’s eternal vigilance paid off one night this week. I think it was early Wednesday morning, about 4:30 a.m. Meda was awakened by a cat’s singsong yowl, and she in turn woke me up. So I stumbled out of bed in search of the apparent battle. In the living room, in the dark, I could just make out Romeo’s shadow at the door to the deck. He was right up to the glass door. And outside, in the dark, was another cat. I couldn’t really tell whether the yowling was mutual, or whether it was mainly coming from the outside cat.

I was able to reach over to my right, under the window, and flip on the light out on the deck, and the visitor was instantly bathed in soft light.

He–I’m assuming it was a he–was a big bobbed-tail gray tiger cat, looking a lot like Romeo but with a bit of orange, like Kili. He wasn’t spooked by the light, but just looked up at me, backed away from the window, then slowly turned and strolled off across the deck, apparently heading towards the stairs just outside our bedroom.

This is only the second sighting of the wandering outside cat, although there was one other early morning ruckus that he was likely involved in.

Back when Romeo was an indoor-outdoor cat, he would return after a confrontation like this with scrapes and scratches, at best, or bites and claw wounds, at worst.

We’re very glad that the cats are now indoors and safe from such encounters.

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Lots of new Feline Friday photos!

Romeo & TobyIf you were to ask our cats, I think they would say that their favorite thing in the new house are the living room chairs.

The problem with this picture is that we had these same chairs out in Kaaawa. So what’s the difference?

It’s hard to say. Perhaps it is just be their placement. Now the cats can all see each other if they’re sitting on different chairs. And it’s not uncommon to have four of the six chairs occupied by napping cats. And then they play musical chairs, periodically exchanging places. Maybe we’re keeping the chairs cleaner, so they are more pleasant to hang out on (which requires more cleaning).

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