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Feline Friday: Romeo’s on a roll

We may be traveling, but the Feline Friday show must go on!

Luckily, I came prepared with photos taken prior to our departure for the San Francisco area. This week, Romeo was very much in evidence and willing to strike a pose or two. The result is that he’s over-represented in the week’s photos.

He’s the cat most likely to stroll over to the basket of toys, fish around in it, retrieve a favorite, and start batting it around the room. Other times I’ll notice him laying alongside a chair while reaching under it to pull out a toy and start a new game. Less frequently, Annie will go into the toy basket, but it’s usually just to check out what’s there, and not to start a game of her own.

In any case, here’s the week in photos. Just click below to see all the pictures.


Feline Friday: May 19, 2017

Cat Grooming? Really?

Cat Grooming? Here’s another thought on this Feline Friday.

One of our destinations on Thursday was the Pick of the Litter Thrift Shop, operated by Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in Burlingame. We found it easily with a little assistance from Google Maps. There’s a municipal parking lot right next door.

It’s a great thrift shop, and we’ve found it on previous trips. Usually there are animals for you to interact with, hoping to be adopted. They’re back by the book section, and a very nice feature of this store.

Across the street I noticed the big sign on a storefront, “Groomingdales, Dog & Cat Grooming.”

Really? Cat grooming? If our cats are any indication, that must be a business struggling to develop and clientele.

I don’t believe that any of the cats that have ever lived with us over the past 40+ years would ever submit to anything like grooming. In a strange place? With people they don’t know? No way. Perhaps if they were drugged, but even then it would be a struggle to drag them out from hiding places and into the light. I just don’t think it would work.

Does that mean there’s something wrong with our cats? With us? Are there enough of those big, passive, show cats, the ones you see featured in photos of cat shows, to keep a place like this in business?

I was going to go in and ask them about the cats they groom at Groomingdales, but thought better of it. Best leave it a mystery.

Have any of you taken your cat to a groomer? I would be interested.

Woman with cat c. 1910

I really like this old picture.

The woman is Alice Ludgate. I have to concentrate to get the family relationship right.

Allice’s mother, Sophronia (Lewis) Ludgate, was the younger sister of Kate Lewis Renton, wife of George F. Renton Sr., manager of Kohala Sugar and, later, Ewa Plantation. He managed Ewa from 1898 to his retirement in 1921.

George and Kate Renton had three sons–George Jr., James Lewis, and and Allan. James Lewis was my wife’s grandfather.

Alice Ludgate lived in the Pacific Northwest. She died in 1984. We met her several times in the late 1970s and early 1980s. She had cats throughout her life, which gives this photo of her as a young women its weight. Towards the end, when dementia was taking its toll and she was living in a care home, she had a stuffed cat which kept her company.

In any case, I find it just a charming photo, despite its age and technical flaws.

with cat

Welcome to Feline Friday

Somehow the calendar keeps delivering up Fridays. So once again, here’s your weekly “fix” of the cats that share our home. Should I say the cats that rule our home?

I’m not sure whether you’re going to see Romeo or Toby in the photo below, but you’ll also be able to click through the album of all of this week’s cats.

It’s been a quiet week for the cats. No vet visits. A few hairballs. No visitors or loud noises.

So start your day right by checking in with our cats. Enjoy.

Feline Friday: May 12, 2017