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Feline Friday: They’re inside cats now

Romeo welcomes you to another Feline Friday!

All the cats take turns lounging in the sun that shines in through the sliding doors to the deck of our still somewhat new house, but Romeo is the only one who still stares into the outside world for long periods, taking in as much as he can. I’m pretty sure he’s standing guard in case any wandering cats appear. I’ve seen a couple since we moved 18-months ago, but generally this does not seem to be cat territory.

Our cats used to have free access to the outside when we lived in Kaaawa. We had two cat doors, one on each end of the living room. Occasionally we would close them in due to bad weather or some other reason, but generally they could sit outside whenever they were in the mood.

Not so since we moved to our house in Kahala. With a somewhat busy street in front, we decided this was a good time to transition them back to a more boring but much safer lifestyle. They’ve adapted much better than we feared. I thought the enforced indoors might generate more pushback in the way of general sissyness, but that never happened. Of course, they are all senior citizens now and perhaps that accounts for the difference.

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Mr. Romeo

Throwback Thursday: Bedroom secrets 1998

In January 1998, we rescued two kittens that had been thrown from a moving car along Kahekili Highway near Kaneohe. We immediately turned around and headed for our vet’s office, in what was then called the Temple Valley Shopping Center. The kittens, both females, had been well cared for before being dumped out of the car, and we quickly named them Kili (for the Kahekili Highway) and Wally (for a set of Wallace silverware that we had been going to bid on at an auction that morning in Honolulu. Instead of the silverware, we arrived back home in Kaaawa with something (somethings?) much more valuable.

These kittens quickly became big parts of our lives.

This photo was taken later that year. I’m guessing it was probably mid-summer. I managed a selfie while Ms. Wally was helping me during an afternoon nap. As you can see, we were color coordinated.

They grew up to be mighty fine cats and lived long lives. We were all very lucky.

Ms. Wally

Feline Friday: Mr. Toby steals the show

Welcome to Feline Friday!

Mr. Toby

That’s Mr. Toby on the dining table early one morning this week.

The first order of morning business is feeding the cats.

After that, Meda and I are usually at the table checking email and reading the news before we walk over to Kahala Beach to watch the sunrise. Toby plants himself in the middle of the action and demands our full attention. You can see the corner of Meda’s iPad, as Toby settles in and solicits some serious petting. If we fail to respond appropriately, he’ll push his way in until the purring cat is impossible to ignore.

Later, once he’s satisfied with the amount of attention he’s received, Toby moves over to a chair in the living room and starts one of those long cat naps.

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Feline Friday: Stepping back a decade

Mr. Leo It was mid-February in 2006, a decade ago.

This is Mr. Leo. What a great but neurotic cat he was! Leo was small, but somehow thought that he needed to step up and be the Alpha Male. It wasn’t a role he was suited for, but how he tried!

Anyway, at that time, our household included nine cats. I could tick them off quickly…Kili, Wally, Leo, Harry, Dukie, Tobey, Annie, Romeo, Silverman. That list was in the order of adoption, except for Silverman. In strict order, he should have followed Leo and preceded Ms. Harry (also know as Harriet). But for years, he was somewhat elusive, once disappeared for several months, and I think I just wasn’t sure how to account for him. Hence his spot at the end of the list, which in no way reflects on the size of his presence.

But just to make the point, Silverman was absent during this particular week and is the only one that doesn’t appear in this set of photos.

We were all younger then, and the cats were all very good looking!

Ms. Kili inherited the role of Queen of the House from the previous generation’s matriarch, Miki. When push came to shove, Kili would pretty much get her way, and none of the other cats would try to push her around. If they did, they would earn a painful swat on the nose or some other vital part.

Today, our census is down to just four, almost a rational number of cats. How I miss those who are now gone!

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