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Feline Friday: The old boys survived their visit to the v-e-t

That’s Duke in one of his “hiding” places behind a chair in the living room. He’s too bit to comfortably crawl under the chair, so he usually just sleeps in back of it. It can be a chore to dislodge him from there.

Mr. Duke

The news…Duke and Romeo had a surprise this week. They both got to visit Ann Sakamoto, our vet who now practices at the Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic. I picked them up on Wednesday afternoon and made the short drive to Hawaii Kai.

It was mainly a preventive visit for these old boys.

And we got our own surprise. Leianne Lee Loy, who had been our primary vet in Kaneohe back in the early 2000s, has now joined the staff in Hawaii Kai.

In fact, just hours after Duke was born in 2002, we took Duke and his littermate to be checked out by Dr. Lee Loy. That was 15 years ago. So we had a happy reunion, and she consulted on some of the cats’ medical issues.

Both Duke and Romeo lost a little bit of weight over the past six months or eight months, but nothing to worry about. Romeo has had urinary issues in the past, so he had his urine tested. Dr. Sakamoto drew some blood from Duke for a diabetes blood panel to track how our glucose control efforts are going.

Hopefully there will be nothing urgent in their test results.

They were not at all happy about the vet visit. But Duke stepped out of his carrier on his own, although we had to pour & pry Romeo out of his carrier. When it was over, they just wanted to get home. Then they wanted to eat. The memory of the trip apparently faded rapidly.

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Throwback Thursday: Look who showed up for dinner!

This was taken in December 1984.

Windfola was our first cat, and she was always the one in charge of the household. At this point she was already 15 years old, but not showing her age.

She had me well trained. When we sat down for dinner, she joined us. And I had been trained to share my meals with her, if she was interested (and she usually was). She was supposed to be polite and wait her turn. I suppose she sometimes did. At other times it turned into a battle of wills. Eventually I broke and then would carry her upstairs and close her in our bedroom, allowing the people’s meal to proceed in a somewhat civilized manner.

We did love that cat!

Dec. 1984

Feline Friday: A few photos and one cat short

I got up this morning to the realization that I had nothing to show for the week. Not one cat picture. There were lots of dogs this week, but not a single cat was seen through the viewfinder of a camera in our household.

I tried to remedy the situation as soon as we returned from our early walk, but…no variety possible, so fewer photos. And Toby is happily asleep under a chair in the living room, out of camera range, so only 75% of the cats to start with.

So you only get three cats and a limited number of pictures for this Feline Friday. I’ll be sure to get started early for next week’s collection.

So…first is Mr. Duke, who was just letting me know that he was waiting for the small spoon of cottage cheese, which he gets as we sit down with our coffee and fruit.


Then I went looking for Ms. Annie, and found her in our bedroom.


After a brief pose, she jumped up onto the bed, claimed a spot, and would soon settle in to watch the back yard and then slowly fade to cat nap.


And then there was Romeo, on the futon in our small “guest” bedroom (yes, we rebuilt as a small, two-bedroom house).

Romeo woke up to see what was going on, but wasn’t interested in moving.


Feline Friday: Waltz us around again

[text]Yup. It’s Friday. And that makes it another Feline Friday. And Good Friday to boot.

This week Romeo welcomes you from one of his favorite spots, on our dining table next where I sit and work on my laptop. Once he’s in position, Romeo is a fierce harasser. He either wants food (easy to remedy) or he just wants attention (much harder to remedy). Sometimes he wants to sit in my lap while I work, which is fine until he gets restless or I want to get up from my chair. Other times he just wants to disrupt. He encroaches on the keyboard. He claws me when I try to push him away. He should be a bill collector or something, as he is full of very effective strategies.

Romeo doesn’t know that I’ve gotten the postcard from our vet indicating that he’s is due for a regular check-up. I suppose that’s good, in case his fussing results from some underlying physical ailment. Hopefully he won’t figure it out and hide when his appointment approaches.

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