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Feline Friday: Don’t miss this week’s update on the cats

I suppose there isn’t much exciting in the life of our cats these days. No roaming through the field looking for rats and mice, no border patrols to keep wandering cats away. And no injuries from fights, no unexplained absences or disappearances. Just 15-18 hours of sleep daily, restless activity around morning and evening meals, and an occasional fling with a dangling cat toy.

The low point of Romeo’s week was a large hairball that he would have deposited on our bed one night, except that his coughing woke me up and I immediately recognized the situation and lifted him away from the comforter. Annie went missing when we were cleaning the house, and I eventually located her hiding under one of our living room chairs.

No vet visits this week, although we need to schedule something so that we have an excuse to deliver the 2017 cat calendar to Ann Sakamoto, our favorite vet.

So here they are, the Kealaolu Four. Enjoy.

Feline Friday: December 9, 2016

Toby introduces another fine Feline Friday

Mr. TobyYes, it’s another Feline Friday, and leading off this week is Mr. Toby.

There are two pictures of him in this week’s collection. What’s interesting to me is that his coloring is quite different in the two photos. I tried fiddling with the images, wondering if it was just the different light that accounts for the variation. But in the end, I think it was the way two different cameras from different manufacturers with different lenses handle his orange coloring in natural light. One seems to tend towards brown or yellow, the other a bit more towards red. If I toyed with the images long enough, maybe I could probably get them to match, but there are a lot of variables involved. So going forward, I’ll have to pay more attention to which camera I’m using to grab the photos of Toby.

And come to think of it, the photos of Duke seem to vary in much the same way. So it’s probably true for all the cats, even if to as pronounced as in Toby’s case.

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Throwback Thursday: Opening presents at the Circle Jade

Opening presents c.1973

Another oldie: Meda and I opening presents in our apartment in the Circle Jade building near the corner of 9th Avenue and Waialae Ave in Kaimuki.

This was most likely late in 1973 or early in 1974. I’m judging that based on my hair, which was a similar length in a TBT photo from the same time period posted last week.

I don’t see signs of Christmas, so maybe it was Meda’s birthday, which would have been in January. Or perhaps back to my birthday in August of ’73.

Note the graduate student lifestyle. A folding table and chairs made up our dining set. The bookcases of wood planks on concrete blocks. A few things on the walls, a hand-me-down lauhala mat on the floor, with pillows that we used when laying to the floor to watch television on our tiny portable tv.

It was an unusual apartment, with floor to ceiling glass louvered windows that let in lots of light, and unfortunately also allowed lots of rain to be blown in during bad weather.

Oh, can you find the cat?

The presents: A timbale iron, which consisted of two molds that you would put on the stove and fill with a batter. We both have vivid memories of the time I got a phone call mid-timbale, and our cats running up and down the hall crying as smoke starting filling the kitchen from the burning timbale. The bigger box was a home winemaking kit, a plastic container and some grape mix and yeast, along with instructions for adding water and turning the whole thing into wine. We managed to quickly contaminate the whole thing as we managed to drop some piece into the mix, then got tongs to retrieve it and somehow dropped them in, and failed in an attempt to fish both out using long chopsticks. The wine was, in short, a rapid failure.

Feline Friday: No shopping frenzy here

Mr. Romeo welcomes you to another Feline Friday! It happens to be Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but the cats don’t care. They aren’t interested in shopping. Thank goodness.

And we didn’t even make a big Thanksgiving dinner, so they had no opportunity to beg for bits of people food. Instead, we were invited out to a turkey lunch with friends, which was wonderful, and ended up with just a little pick-up meal in the evening.

Today I’ve got a soup going on the stove using the remains of a Costco chicken we ate earlier in the week. We’ll go pick up some vegetables for the soup a little later, being careful to stay well away from the malls and big box stores.

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Anyway, here’s Romeo. Yesterday he followed me around the house for hours and jumped into my lap every time I sat down. If I didn’t make it easy to jump up, he would scratch and bite my feet until I relented. Once in the lap, he turned into the sweetest cat in the world. At one point, I got out a squirt bottle and threatened him with a shot or two of water, but then felt bad for being mean to him. Once I put the water bottle aside, he was right back. It was late in the afternoon when I used my iPad to get this photo of the big guy, somewhat happily occupying my lap.

Mr. Romeo

Black Friday and the calendars are ready!

Hey, if you’re looking for a few gifts to give friends, my annual calendars are ready and available to order.

Cats, dogs, or dawns! Your choice.

I mainly make these for myself. They become our holiday gifts to friends and family. But once they’re set up, they’re available for others to purchase.

I don’t really make anything on the sales, not more than a token dollar per calendar.

There are three versions again this year. One features the cats that share our home. Another spotlights the dogs we walk with most mornings on Kahala Beach. And the third shares a bit of what we see at dawn during those same morning walks.

They are available for order online from Just click on any of the covers shown below to get to the order page. There’s a preview link available for each calendar.

I hope you enjoy them. We do.

Great gifts

Great gifts

Great gifts