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Feline Friday: The day after Thanksgiving

[text]That’s Mr. Duke welcoming you to another happy Feline Friday, which happens to be the day after Thanksgiving.

I think all the cats had a good Thanksgiving. We were home, which added a little interest to their day. And we did produce a good dinner which had appropriate feline benefits included.

We did finally realize that when Ms. Wally was alive, Duke was her excess food cleanup crew. He got to be very skilled at sneaking onto the kitchen counter to quietly clean up any leftovers. And with her fragile appetite, leftovers were plentiful, I’m afraid.

And now that she’s gone, Duke’s been on a restricted diet, although he still gets his own full ration. The result is that he’s much more interested in what’s going on at our dining table, and has become a much more assertive presence at mealtime. He’s cute about it, purring all the way, so we have to be careful not to reward him for his efforts. He’s naturally fat, taking after his mother, and that contributes to his diabetes, so we do our best to keep his food intake at reasonable levels.

Yesterday afternoon I discovered an explained injury on Ms. Annie’s ear. It looks like she’s been in a fight, but she hasn’t been outside. So are we talking some sibling rivalry here? Could be, I suppose. There is competition for spots on our bed. Romeo and Kili rule there, while Duke and Annie are able to sneak in from time to time. Poor Toby rarely gets to claim a place on the bed, although he used to be king of the afternoon naps.

So it goes in the new world of our Kahala cats.

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A Romeo update

I knew it would happen someday.

Sunday turned out to be the day. Romeo made his break for freedom.

I was up early, a bit after 5 a.m., and, somewhat ironically in retrospect, was worried that I hadn’t seen Ms. Annie since our dinner guests exited the front door Saturday night.

After doing a surreptitious sweep of the house in the semi-darkness and failing to spot her (trying not to alarm Meda in the process), I had a gnawing worry that perhaps somehow Annie made an escape when our friends left.

And if she did, I figured she might be waiting right outside to come back in. I thought I was being extremely cautious when I cracked the door open and took a quick look outside, but before I knew it there was a grey blur from out of nowhere, past me and down the stairs and immediately under the house before I could react. Well, not quite immediately. Romeo did look back at me somewhat guiltily before slipping into the darkness under the house.

So there I was, standing in the dark, somewhat in shock, as Romeo disappeared and was outside on his own for the first time in our new location, with a relatively busy street out in front. Every time a car passed, I cringed.

Now I had to sound the alarm and get Meda’s help in rounding him up.

To add to my burden, I checked the spot where Annie had been lost a couple of other times, way back in the pantry with slide-out drawers alongside our refrigerator. I opened the door, looked down on the bottom shelf, pushed aside a small case of Fancy Feast cat food, and sure enough. There was Annie, stretching and sleepily coming out of the closet.

So she was safe and sound in the house, while Romeo had taken advantage of my concern over Annie to make the first successful breakout.

I tried popping open a new can of cat food and setting the dish near the spot where Romeo had disappeared. No Romeo.

Meda brought me a flashlight, and I lay down in the dirt and took a look under the house. In my second pass, I spotted him, near that same area.

So I went back in front and tried to lure him out with the little laser pointer cat toy. Chasing that moving little red dot is something he usually can’t resist. But being in the dirt under the house was apparently much more appealing.

By this time my main concern was keeping him from going towards the street. As long as he went wandering in the back yard, he would be safe and eventually come back for food and affection.

A few minutes later, I took another look under the house and didn’t see him.

But then my luck turned. I headed to the back side of the house, and there he was, just emerging behind our bedroom and happy to see me. Instead of running away, this time he cried and came to me. I happily scooped him up and we headed back into the house.

Our cats used to be 100% indoor cats, even after we moved out of our initial highrise apartment into a ground level townhouse. And even when we moved to Kaaawa, they were inside cats at first. Actually, we had the cats segregated into the outside boys, who we adopted but lived outside, and the inside cats who had moved with us from town.

It was only when we started some serious home renovations that we decided the only way to proceed was to open the doors and let the cats go wherever they wanted, then collect them each day after the work was done. That worked out so well that we eventually transitioned them to being inside-outside cats.

And that freedom to roam continued until we started planning this latest move back into the city.

We’re pretty set on keeping them inside. Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives, and avoid the fights and injuries and accidents that are the burden of the outside cats and their people.

But Romeo has signaled that he’s not totally with the program, so we’ll see.

Cats, Dogs, and Dawn: The 2016 calendars are here

Available nowThat’s the big news on this Feline Friday–The 2016 calendars are already ready!

As usual, one features our cats, formerly of Kaaawa and now living in Kahala, along with the two cats that didn’t live through the year.

But this year there’s also a “Kahala Dogs 2016” calendar, featuring the friends we’ve been making on our early morning walks to the beach in our new locale.

And then there’s also a Dawn calendar, this year split between Kaaawa and Kahala, reflecting the split in our lives that happened this summer.

I’ve been making calendars like this for about ten years. I make them to give away as holiday gifts to friends and neighbors. I also make them publicly available for purchase, because it’s simple and doesn’t cost me anything. A handful of them are purchased each year. They are much more collectors items than part of a mass market, for sure.

I managed to push through this week and get the calendars finished much earlier than in recent years.

I just tried to figure out when I started doing these calendars. It’s been at least ten years, I think. With a bit more digging, I may be able to find the definitive answer.

In any case, just click on the cats calendar cover at the top of this post for details on how to order, or to preview the calendar photos.

Feline Friday: Becoming inside cats

Romeo & DukeAh, another Feline Friday, and I can report that the cats are making progress in adjusting to their new surroundings.

Mr. Romeo is Exhibit #1. He’s come out of the closet, so to speak, and can now be often be found lounging on one of the living room chairs (although he does still sneak under a chair from time to time for a good quiet nap). He’s curious about the door to the garage, and is trying to sneak a peek into that unknown territory. And he’s been manning the observation posts in several different rooms, sitting on window ledges and taking in the view of the world, day and night. So he’s been a very busy cat!

Unfortunately, he’s been busy between 2 and 6 a.m., which winds up getting him evicted from our bedroom at the first overnight wakeup call. He now seems to understand the drill and doesn’t fuss about being closed out of the room, but it also hasn’t discouraged him from waking up and trying to wake us up. He makes up for it by disappearing most of the afternoon, finally emerging to see what’s going on around 4 or 4:30 every day.

But we did get the good news that Romeo and Annie aced all of their medical tests. The results back from the lab shows they are both doing very well, thank you!

And as you can see in this week’s photos (and last week, for that matter), Annie is emerging much more often from her hiding places and just sleeping around normally. However, she did spend most of another day in our kitchen pantry, a closet with roll-out drawers for various foods and supplies. She watches, and when I open the door to get the toaster out in the morning, and carry it over to the counter, she slips inside and lays down behind a box of Fancy Feast cat food. If I don’t do a special Annie check, she’ll happily stay in the dark cave for hours and hours. Go figure.

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Feline Friday: Starting to show some interest in what’s going on outside

This tells the storyRomeo welcomes you to this week’s Feline Friday. And this photo pretty much tells the story of how the cats are adapting to the new space. I think Annie was the first to start noticing and paying attention to what’s outside, but Romeo has quickly become most interested in checking out the world. He’s got several favorite viewing locations. In this photo, he’s in the living room looking out towards the back deck and yard. In the bedroom, he sometimes lounges on the cat tree while staring out, other times sits by the door and checks out the world. And at night, he’s in our guest bedroom looking out towards the street.

They still aren’t comfortable enough to start fussing to go out, or trying to sneak past us as we enter or exit. We could get to that point, but I’m hoping that in the meantime, they’ll just forget about having been inside-outside cats in the past.

But there’s more!

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