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Feline Friday is here again!

Toby welcomes you to this week’s Feline Friday!

Mr. Toby

It’s been a relatively uneventful week in our feline household. No vet visits. Little squabbling. Lots of afternoon sun.

We are trying to break up the boredom of being inside cats by bringing out the cat toys at least a couple of times a week, and offering catnip now and then. I think kittens have an easier time indoors because they’re always playing. Our geriatric cats don’t go into play mode on their own very often. Annie will turn on her afterburners every now and then for a run from one end of the house to another, and Romeo regularly makes a pest of himself to get me to either feed him or play with him. Beyond that, it’s mostly eat and nap. Hence the number of photos of cats curled up or splayed out in various parts of the house.

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Romeo was ready for the Lion in the house

Last night, after we finished dinner (leftover black bean & turkey chili, which I hadn’t made in a while) and cleaned up the kitchen, we were watching a cat documentary, “The Lion in your Living Room” streaming on Netflix.

Of course, we’re suckers for anything with a few facts wrapped around lots of great cat video.

But it turned out that Romeo was also getting into it.

He abandoned his prowling around my chair for attention and instead jumped up on the chair closest to the tv for a better look at those cats. Not long afterwards, I had to pluck him off as he started to scramble up for an even closer look. He was definitely interested!

The cats rarely pay any attention to the television. It’s as if it isn’t there. But I think it was a few scenes of cats making fighting sounds that caught his attention. He is, after all, still the main defender of the house from roaming cats, keeping watch from various lookout points. At least once he has successfully confronted a visiting cat because he was ready! Although they were separated by the sliding door to the deck, the incident still rewarded his vigilance.

Mr. Romeo

Feline Friday: But none of the cats are wearing green

It’s the St. Patrick’s edition of Feline Friday, but they don’t seem into it. They don’t drink beer, and Irish music just has them shaking their heads and retreating to another room. They wouldn’t recognize my great-grandfather, who hailed from County Down. There are a few green eyes in the cat household, though, if that counts.

So it goes.

Here’s one for the week–Duke and Toby hanging out, waiting for dinner. Romeo and Duke get fed in the kitchen, Toby gets a dish right about where he’s splayed out, then I look though the house to find Annie and set a bowl beside her. Then the musical chairs start, with each cat seeking out another cat’s food, even if it’s the same food all around. Cats!

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Toby & Duke

Feline Friday: Outside Romeo’s window

[Apologies to early visitors, who unfortunately hit a link to today’s photos that didn’t work! It’s been updated and fixed!]

Mr. RomeoMr. Romeo welcomes you to another fine Feline Friday!

I took this photo late Thursday afternoon as Romeo sat at his favorite window. It’s in the front of the house, looking out in to the yard. Just outside the window is a white giant bird of paradise that is probably over 70 years old. There are few things around the house that go back that far. The original glass doorknobs, saved before our major renovations. Most of the fir floor date to the original construction in 1941. Of the plants that I can identify, none go back as far as that bird of paradise which sits just outside the front door, and at the corner of the room where Romeo now plants himself at the window.

And this week I discovered something. As I stood there waiting for the light to change and present another photo op, there was some movement just outside the window. I looked to see what it was. There was a bulbul, flying into the middle of the bird of paradise to find water pooled in one of its wilting flowers. The bulbul flew off, and a sparrow replaced it. I watched for several minutes at a series of birds flew up to take their turns at this surprising water source. No wonder Romeo likes to sit there and watch!

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