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Feline Friday: Happiness is a mid-day snack

Duke Yes, it’s another Feline Friday. To start it off, here’s a candid photo of Duke taken last weekend. In this case, the picture is worth 1,000 words. While our other cats are largely snackers–they eat a bit, take a break, and return to eat more later–Duke methodically works his way through the available dishes of food. Sometimes I have to pick up the excess food and save it for the others when they’re hungry again. At other times, when there aren’t that many leftovers, I let Duke do the cleanup. As you can see, he does a very good job!

As I recall, this photo was taken mid-day. We had opened a can of chicken to make sandwiches for lunch, and I saved enough to give a treat to each of the cats. The other cats had their snack and moved on. Duke persisted, and was pleased with himself.

And, yes, we’re still in Portland. Meda’s conference runs through tomorrow. But don’t worry, I came prepared with the photos for Feline Friday!

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Feline Friday: The Boys got lots of attention

Meghan & The BoysMy sister’s granddaughter, Meghan Kemp, was here for several days this week. She had a way with The Boys. As you can see, she had Toby, Romeo, and Duke lining up to get attention.

It was several minutes before I wondered where Ms. Annie was. I looked in her usual spots. Nothing. Then I realized she hadn’t been seen in some time. Several hours, at least.

That was a clue. I walked into the kitchen and opened to doors to the pantry closet with large, roll-out shelves. Annie likes to dart in there whenever the door is opened, and I realized that could have happened while we were cooking dinner.

Sure enough, there was Ms. Annie in the back of the bottom shelf. I guess it’s a good spot for a nap when you don’t want to be bothered by other cats. Anyway, she trotted out and became the 4th cat to favor Ms. Meghan.

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Feline Friday is here again!

Toby welcomes you to this week’s Feline Friday!

Mr. Toby

It’s been a relatively uneventful week in our feline household. No vet visits. Little squabbling. Lots of afternoon sun.

We are trying to break up the boredom of being inside cats by bringing out the cat toys at least a couple of times a week, and offering catnip now and then. I think kittens have an easier time indoors because they’re always playing. Our geriatric cats don’t go into play mode on their own very often. Annie will turn on her afterburners every now and then for a run from one end of the house to another, and Romeo regularly makes a pest of himself to get me to either feed him or play with him. Beyond that, it’s mostly eat and nap. Hence the number of photos of cats curled up or splayed out in various parts of the house.

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Romeo was ready for the Lion in the house

Last night, after we finished dinner (leftover black bean & turkey chili, which I hadn’t made in a while) and cleaned up the kitchen, we were watching a cat documentary, “The Lion in your Living Room” streaming on Netflix.

Of course, we’re suckers for anything with a few facts wrapped around lots of great cat video.

But it turned out that Romeo was also getting into it.

He abandoned his prowling around my chair for attention and instead jumped up on the chair closest to the tv for a better look at those cats. Not long afterwards, I had to pluck him off as he started to scramble up for an even closer look. He was definitely interested!

The cats rarely pay any attention to the television. It’s as if it isn’t there. But I think it was a few scenes of cats making fighting sounds that caught his attention. He is, after all, still the main defender of the house from roaming cats, keeping watch from various lookout points. At least once he has successfully confronted a visiting cat because he was ready! Although they were separated by the sliding door to the deck, the incident still rewarded his vigilance.

Mr. Romeo