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Feline Friday: Romeo’s on center stage

Here we are, another week of familiar felines. In honor of this Feline Friday, I’ve switched to a temporary header photo of Mr. Romeo, taken from this week’s collection.

Not much drama this week. I considered taking Toby back to the vet because he’s had some eye discharge, and one day it looked like it might be bloody.

But there were other things I considered. He was at the vet a couple of weeks ago. She saw and removed some eye gunk that day, and didn’t see it as a concern.

Then I searched online, and decided that in the absence of other symptoms, it likely doesn’t require a quick vet visit.

Of course, Toby hates being stuffed into a carrier and thrown into the car for a ride out to Hawaii Kai, so he’s just as happy to just wait and see.

The other cats? Doing okay. A couple of hairballs (Romeo’s the one, I think).

And Romeo as very much in evidence in this week’s pictures.

You can click on the photo to see all of this week’s cats on Flickr (and you can comment on individual photos, if you like).

Or click here for the photos in a simpler presentation, free of Flickr’s little quirks.

Your choice.


Feline Friday: February 3, 2017

Throwback Thursday: June 1987

It’s Throwback Thursday. And, perhaps, also a head start on Feline Friday.

There’s no date on the photo, but it’s easy to figure out. The kitten on my shoulder is the clue.

It was June or July of 1987. We had adopted a calico kitten the previous Christmas after she was rescued by my mother’s neighbor. Six months later, Meda had a bad case of kitten fever. We checked around at pet stores, and finally found one out on North King Street in Kalihi that had a litter. Into the car and off to Kalihi we went. And we came home with this little one. It was June 6, 1987.

She was a wonderful cat. But as a kitten, she turned out to have a good case of intestinal parasites, a bit of mange, and quickly ran up a vet bill. She’s still pretty small in this picture, so I’m pretty sure it was taken in June or July.

We were sitting at the old card table that served as our dining table when we lived in Tropic Gardens, a townhouse development on the mountain side of the freeway above Kahala Mall. That’s my trusty Mac Plus, purchased as soon as it was introduced just the year before. A few years later, I added a Laserwriter printer and started Hawaii Monitor, a monthly newsletter that I managed to publish for about three years before being offered a reporting job at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Kua died of congestive heart failure in July 1998. It was way too early to lose her. You can read more about her and see a few more photos here.

Ian & Ms. Kua

Feline Friday: Jockeying for position

To understand cats, you have to keep one word in mind: Jealousy.

This was the scene on a recent afternoon when we tried to take a short nap at the end of a long afternoon.

I think Ms. Annie was there first. She claimed Meda. Then Duke jumped up, and moved right up between us to solicit some attention.

That was too much for Romeo to take, so he just barged right in, pushing his way into the middle to claim as much attention as possible.

He has reformed a bit. He used to swat at Annie to drive her off the bed, but after being punished for that a few times, he now takes a more subtle approach.

None of the cats wanted to give up their position, despite some discomfort and awkwardness while holding their places.

And so it goes. They all keep a close eye on each other. Not one wants to miss out on an occasion for human attention.

And I suppose that’s good.

Anyway, it’s feline Friday.

Click here to see all of today’s Fine Felines.


Not your everyday cat photo

I didn’t expect the picture to come out like this!

This unusual photo of Annie, one of our four cats, was a bit of an accident. It was late afternoon, and I had put a dish of food on a window sill for Annie.

Then I went out side to assess the results of the day’s window washing project. When I saw the cat in the window, I grabbed my iPhone and realized I could see myself taking the photo, reflected in the newly cleaned window.

But I didn’t realize that the dark gray marking on Annie’s back would function as a mirror and deepen the reflection.

In any case, the man-cat image just works.