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Mr. Romeo announces another “Feline Friday”!

Ah, this was Mr. Romeo preparing for today’s Feline Friday.

He’s had kind of a tough week. A couple of hairballs followed by doses of Laxatone. Not his favorite kind of week.

And I think Romeo must have some frigatebird genes. Those birds get their nickname because they often steal food that other birds have caught. Romeo’s routine at meal time is similar. He will almost immediately abandon his own dish and head across the room to push Toby aside in order to eat his food. It’s the same food that is in Romeo’s original dish, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Then he’ll move on and lurk near Annie, trying to intimidate her into abandoning her dish early so that he can check what’s there. However, he won’t try to physically displace her because, unlike Toby, Annie will defend her food with a quick and potentially painful paw (and claw) in his face.

So it goes in this little mini zoo we live in.

Click on Romeo’s photo to see the week in cats!

Mr. Romeo

Throwback Thursday: The cook’s assistant

It was March 1986, according to a note on the file. My assistant and I are at the stove in our former townhouse in the Tropic Gardens condominium above the freeway across from Kahala Mall.

That’s our first cat, Windfola, named after a character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a small gray horse ridden by one of the hobbits (my memory fails me about anything more specific than that). She was nearly 17 when this was taken.

She was always ready to lend her assistance in the kitchen, even when a dangerously sharp instrument was involved. And, yes, she probably did get rewarded.

With First Cat

Yes, yet another Feline Friday!

Duke Yes, it’s Feline Friday! We returned from San Francisco on Tuesday, but luckily managed to get enough photos for a respectable Friday photo gallery.

This is Mr. Duke. He’s our 15-year old tabby point siamese who was diagnosed with feline diabetes in 2010. In a few months he’ll be finishing the seventh year with twice-daily insulin shots. He’s not in perfect health, but he’s living much better (and much longer) than we feared when we got his diagnosis.

One thing you notice right way is that the cloudiness of Duke’s eyes is now quite apparent. They look a lot like cataracts. We can’t tell how much his vision is impaired. So far, we haven’t noticed any difficulty in getting around the house or getting where he wants to go. So we’ll just cross our fingers and move on.

Oh, here was my favorite email of the past week or so, received from a friend in Portland.

Thursday night sitting at bar at M&S (that’s McCormick & Schmick on the Portland riverfront) I heard a young fellow sitting nearby using a little pidgin speaking to the bartender. I learned he had spent about 8 years in Hawaii and he offered that he still religiously follows Feline Friday.

Yes! So to all you Feline Friday fans out there, wherever you happen to be, here’s your link to yet another week of the cat energy from our fabulous four.

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Feline Friday: Romeo’s on a roll

We may be traveling, but the Feline Friday show must go on!

Luckily, I came prepared with photos taken prior to our departure for the San Francisco area. This week, Romeo was very much in evidence and willing to strike a pose or two. The result is that he’s over-represented in the week’s photos.

He’s the cat most likely to stroll over to the basket of toys, fish around in it, retrieve a favorite, and start batting it around the room. Other times I’ll notice him laying alongside a chair while reaching under it to pull out a toy and start a new game. Less frequently, Annie will go into the toy basket, but it’s usually just to check out what’s there, and not to start a game of her own.

In any case, here’s the week in photos. Just click below to see all the pictures.


Feline Friday: May 19, 2017