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A short visit with the Kaaawa Canines

Duck and MonkeyWe walked the beach in Kaaawa on Sunday morning and visited with many of the dogs we know across the neighborhood, courtesy of friends who invited us to dinner and to spend the night just a block or so from our former home.

This time, quite a few of our canine friends were outside and happy to see us again. This is Duck, on the left, and Monkey. We used to bring Duck a doggie treat every time we saw him, and although we arrived yesterday empty handed, he didn’t seem to mind too much. Monkey was rescued just after we moved from Kaaawa, but he was just as excited to have a chance to say hello and collect some pets from us.

I count 16 dogs that made it into the morning’s photos, and there were a few that we missed along the way.

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Saturday morning: Dogs and a rainbow

Yes, there was a bit of light rain that swept past during our walk this morning. Not enough to disrupt the walk, but enough to produce a great rainbow! That’s Meda with our friend, Karen, and her dogs, in the featured photo, below.

It was also a good morning for photos of some of our regular Kahala morning dogs.

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May 21, 2016

Feline Friday, Part 2: Sally & Sylvester

Sylvester This is a special “Part 2” edition of today’s Feline Friday, featuring Sally & Sylvester, cats who live with our former Kaaawa neighbors and good friends, now living in Colorado Springs.

This is Mr. Sylvester. He was hiding out when we arrived here to visit earlier in the week. He left the initial greetings to his sister, Sally, who strolled right past the two big dogs in order to greet us properly. Sylvester showed up later in the day when activity started in the kitchen.

These are two very satisfactory cats. When we met the cats, they were the only animals in the household. They now share the space with two big dogs, Zeus and Rey. That was a bit of an adjustment, but they and the dogs seem to have come to an understanding.

So here’s a brief glimpse of Sally and Sylvester, our Colorado cats. Feline Friday, Part 2.

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Meet our Kahala Morning Dogs: April 2016

Marlo & HaoIt’s been a while since our canine friends have been featured here, so I went through a couple of months of photos and came up with a package of good ones!

This photo features Hao, the little terror who loves to hunt for fish, accompanied by Marlo, the personable cockapoo that graced the cover of the 2016 Kahala Morning Dogs calendar!

Marlo doesn’t usually join in, but this morning was different.

By the way, don’t tell our cats about this our ongoing relations with all these dogs. They would be jealous if they knew we were stepping out on them.

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More Kahala Morning Dogs

February 2016Yesterday was Feline Friday. Today it goes to the dogs.

And that’s Marlo. He’s one of our favorites, and the cover dog on this year’s Kahala Morning Dogs calendar. So it’s appropriate for him to introduce today’s batch of Kahala dog pictures.

On this particular morning it was too early, too dark, and Marlo was just too excited for me to be trying to get a good picture of his wild run on the grass, but this give you a sense of dog in motion.

In another of today’s photos, Marlo appears with all four feet off the ground. Running at full speed is great dog fun, it seems!

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