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Thursday went to the dogs

Friday will be for the felines.

So I’ll go ahead and post Thursday’s dogs tonight, so all you dog people don’t feel neglected.

Yes, we love our cats. But we also love our adopted family of dogs that we get to walk with each morning.

So here are more of our Kahala Morning Dogs.

Please click on the photo below to see all of the dogs.

Kahala Morning Dogs 4-27-2016

A fine Saturday morning

Here’s a quick look at our morning walk on the beach. Yes, the obligatory sunrise photo. But also some great dogs.

Just click to see them all.

A good Saturday morning

Catching up with Mr. Tucker

Tucker was off playing yesterday morning, and so was missing from that batch of Kahala dog photos. But he was very much in evidence today, and I can’t resist sharing this great shot of him. The light was perfect, as was his pose.

I have no plan for Easter. I suppose we’ll just chill. But who knows!

Great photo of a very cute dog

Morning Dogs

We live with four cats. No dogs.

But we have to buy dog biscuits and other little doggie treats, which we share with our early morning dogs. These are the ones we walk with or see on the beach regularly.

We used to buy the big Costco boxes of dog biscuits, but now we mostly walk with small, “city dogs.” Not exclusively, but mostly.

This adds a much appreciated dog “fix” to our lives.

Yes, I can say that I do love our morning dogs.

Just click on the photo to see today’s album of dogs.

Kahala Morning Dogs