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Today’s Kahala Morning Dogs

Spice and BuddyIt’s Saturday of the 4th of July weekend, and time to check out this morning’s dogs. Well, not all of them. Kona slipped by without getting his picture taken. And a person with a very large dog turned around when she saw our pack of small dogs heading toward her end of the beach.

But this pair is Spice, the poodle farther from the camera, and Buddy, standing up to beg for a treat.

The treats started as an exercise in positive reinforcement. Like many small dogs, Buddy thinks he’s a big dog, and is ready and all too willing to challenge any other dog walking down the beach, regardless of size.

His person decided to try positive reinforcement to train him not to bark and growl at big dogs. So when another dog is cited, she offers Buddy treats for staying quiet and not getting happy as the other dog passes. And, of course, Buddy has decided that there must be other ways to extort those little yummy things. And he’s gotten good at standing up on his hind legs and begging.

He’s gotten a lot better with the big dogs, too.

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Another visit with our Kahala Morning Dogs

This is the time of year when the sun comes up early and I’m able to get good pictures of the dogs that we walk with on the beach each morning.

So here’s another set of pictures of our regulars, along with one newcomer, Koko, a cute little Dachshund that lives down at the far end of the beach.

In any case, this is for you dog people out there!

Kahala Morning Dogs: Another look

Kaaawa Revisited, Again (photos)

June 5, 2016

We revisited Kaaawa again this weekend, and are planning another visit at the end of this week. Spent Saturday night up the hill with a friend, then did our walk down to the beach and over to the other end of Kaaawa early this morning.

I’ve got a batch of photos to share. This one shows a view of the campers at Swanzy Beach Park early this morning, probably about 20 minutes after the sun came up. The start of another a beautiful day.

We stopped during our drive to Kaaawa on Saturday afternoon and bought a small box of dog biscuits to share with our many friends. Worth every penny!

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Another round of Kahala Morning Dogs

Today was a good day for dogs.

Photographs of our Kahala Morning Dogs, that is.

For one thing, we walked down the beach in the opposite direction from our regular route, and so we ran into dogs that we don’t see often, and at least one we hadn’t met before.

And I was primed for certain dogs. Pepper, for example. Pepper is typically in nonstop motion. Despite my best efforts, and many tries, I’ve still been in search of a good picture of Pepper. Today I had great luck, and managed to not only get a few good shots of Pepper, but a twofer in combo with Pup Tart.

The two of them are shown in this photo, below.

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Pepper and Pup Tart

DSC04839.jpg Cooper

A short visit with the Kaaawa Canines

Duck and MonkeyWe walked the beach in Kaaawa on Sunday morning and visited with many of the dogs we know across the neighborhood, courtesy of friends who invited us to dinner and to spend the night just a block or so from our former home.

This time, quite a few of our canine friends were outside and happy to see us again. This is Duck, on the left, and Monkey. We used to bring Duck a doggie treat every time we saw him, and although we arrived yesterday empty handed, he didn’t seem to mind too much. Monkey was rescued just after we moved from Kaaawa, but he was just as excited to have a chance to say hello and collect some pets from us.

I count 16 dogs that made it into the morning’s photos, and there were a few that we missed along the way.

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