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Black Friday and the calendars are ready!

Hey, if you’re looking for a few gifts to give friends, my annual calendars are ready and available to order.

Cats, dogs, or dawns! Your choice.

I mainly make these for myself. They become our holiday gifts to friends and family. But once they’re set up, they’re available for others to purchase.

I don’t really make anything on the sales, not more than a token dollar per calendar.

There are three versions again this year. One features the cats that share our home. Another spotlights the dogs we walk with most mornings on Kahala Beach. And the third shares a bit of what we see at dawn during those same morning walks.

They are available for order online from Just click on any of the covers shown below to get to the order page. There’s a preview link available for each calendar.

I hope you enjoy them. We do.

Great gifts

Great gifts

Great gifts

Take a deep breath and check out a few of our Kahala morning dogs

A quiet pre-election Sunday and time to catch up with a few of our canine friends in Kahala.

This week’s dogs are part of our basic pack. They’re insiders, so to speak.

Here are the lead dogs of the week, Pumpkin and Hao.

You might recognize Hao as the dog that loves to hunt for fish. But when the tide is high, there isn’t much beach to walk along in this part of the coast, and we turn inland and walk through the beautiful “meadow” that just a little later turns into a rather busy golf course.

Pumpkin and Hao

They would rather be walking on the beach. We would, too. But they’re happy to accompany the people wherever we all go. Dogs are like that, it seems. Cats, not so much.

Oh…the dogs in the last among today’s pictures live along the 7th fairway of the Waialae course. And every morning, they run around and bark greetings as we go by. One of these days we’re going to have to learn their names and be properly introduced.

–> Click here to see all of today’s Kahala Morning Dogs!

Another Kaaawa morning (photos)

Sunday, Oct 2We escaped to Kaaawa again last night, and awoke early this morning to walk the beach as we did for most of the past 20 years. We count ourselves incredibly fortunate to have friends who put up with our overnight visits.

This morning wasn’t one of those mornings with dramatic colors at dawn, but Kaaawa is a special place nonetheless.

We were lucky enough to be greeted by quite a few of our canine friends, and I managed to get pictures of a few of them.

–> Click here to follow along on today’s morning walk.

A Sunday morning walk on the beach

Click on the photo below to follow along on our early morning walk. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and both dogs and people enjoyed themselves. I failed to get pictures of all the dogs. They were just too active and quite a few just refused to slow down for the camera.

A Sunday morning walk

More Kahala Morning Dogs

With any luck, Hurricane Lester stayed well off shore and we made it out to Kaaawa late yesterday afternoon to visit friends, drop in on a party around the corner from our old house, and then spend the night. I expect that we’re having our early morning walk and checking the storm surf and any damage along the shore in Kaaawa.

In the meantime, here are a few more of our favorite pack of Kahala Morning Dogs. As you can see, I’ll have a lot of dogs to choose from for my 2017 Kahala Dogs calendar!

Just click on the photo below to browse through all of this morning’s dogs.

Kahala Morning Dogs:  Sept 3, 2016