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Mr. Hao at work

I shared this on Facebook a few days ago, but thought readers here might also appreciate Hao, the fishing dog, at work.

Hao is among the dogs and their people who we walk with most mornings. This week, the weather was perfect, there were lots of fish visible near the shore, and Hao was in heaven.

To answer the question in advance, Hao’s eyesight isn’t that great and so he rarely actually catches any fish. But the chase is everything!

Kahala Morning Dogs

Here I go with another round of our Kahala Morning Dogs.

Marlo and Tucker are in the spotlight this week. Marlo is very happy to have Tucker, a very energetic puppy (now just a year old), sharing the daily walk on the beach. It’s pretty constant dog play, unless a ball arrives on the scene, in which case Tucker goes for the ball. Again. And again. And…so on.

Anyway, seeing the morning dogs is better than the daily insomniac tweets from the talk radio president.

Click on the photo to see all of today’s dogs, or click here if you prefer the Flickr gallery.

Tucker and Marlo

A selfie with Mr. Tucker

We spent Saturday evening with the group of friends who walk with us (and their dogs) in the early mornings. Lots of good food, good wine, and good stories were shared.

At one point, Tucker decided that my face definitely needed to be licked. He jumped up on the couch where I was sitting, scrambled into my lap, and proceeded with repeated attempts to scrub my face with his happy tongue. I have a series of awkward selfies which recorded his attempts, which finally ended in this calm moment and a self-portrait.

An evening with friends

Trip over. Period.

We’re back! Our United flight arrived more or less on time yesterday afternoon, allowing us to get home in time to feed the cats, cook dinner, do the trip laundry, and still get to bed relatively early.

And then we were out this morning about a half-hour before sunrise for our walk with morning friends and their humans.

Dogs in motion, pictured below, right to left: Tucker, Marlo, Pumpkin, and Hao.

This morning I’ve got to run some errands and then catch up on the local news.

More later.

Morning dogs