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A few images of Vancouver

VancouverI wanted to share some images from our week in Vancouver. I’ll blame lingering jet lag for the failure to get this posted early this morning, as planned. I had the photos prepared, the post nearly written, and then I got distracted. Elements of the distraction included decided that Ms. Annie needed a vet visit to deal with some unwelcome scabby spots on her ears and chin. In any case, the actual post was lost in the shuffle. So here it is, just a bit late.

This photo was taken at one of the great spots in Vancouver–The Umbrella Shop. We learned about this store from a friend in Kaaawa, who swears by their umbrellas. Some are still made at their own factory in Vancouver, but all are made to their high standards, and are backed by a great warranty and service. They offer an incredible variety of umbrellas in different styles, sizes, and weights, and with a wide range of fabrics and colors.

And if you’re at all interested, they offer flat rate $20 shipping to Hawaii. A year or so ago, I ordered three umbrellas, and they arrive within a week, all for that $20.

So when we found their main retail store while wandering around downtown Vancouver, of course we went in. We learned a lot about umbrellas (like how to properly close my large, folding umbrella).

While we were paying for our umbrellas, the woman who had given us a great tour of their products took our First Hawaiian Bank Mastercard, noting its lack of a security chip.

“So the U.S. could put a man on the moon, but they can’t produce secure credit cards,” she commented somewhat wistfully.

Meda said it just be because our banks are so poor (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

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More Kahala Morning Dogs (photos)

More of our morning dogsWe have been extraordinarily lucky to quickly meet a great group of people who are out very early in the morning to walk their dogs.

And they’ve been kind enough to let us enjoy the canine energy, even though we live in a feline-only household. In other words, we are able to get our daily dog “fix.” It’s definitely a pleasure.

And unlike the dogs on our former walk in Kaaawa, we don’t bribe these dogs with treats. Just our presence. And they’ve included us in the pack.

We do bribe their people with dog pictures, though. Guilty on that count.

I was surprised to see how well this recent batch of pictures came out. I can see that it is going to be hard to make a selection for next year’s Kahala Dogs calendar!

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A brief return to Kaaawa

Nov 28We spent Friday night with friends in Kaaawa, and walked the beach (and through the neighborhood) on Saturday morning. It was a pleasure to see the dogs, and the people, who we’ve been missing since moving to town.

Murphy, on the left in this photo, was very happy to see us but let us know he was unhappy about the long absence. And Ms. Ipo, who barked and ran away the last time the last time we were in Kaaawa, ran excitedly around us in greeting. But all the dogs we saw were very cute.

Kaaawa is certainly different than Kahala. One huge difference. While walking in Kaaawa, we don’t pass a single unoccupied mansion, while that is almost the norm along Kahala beach. And while walls aren’t absent, they probably surround only a minority of Kaaawa homes.

One friend we talked to said he and his wife are now looking to move into a Kakaako condo to be close to his new job and reduce the frustrating time spent in traffic. They hope to rent out their Kaaawa beachfront home so that they can return “someday.”

They are the second of our friends to be initiating plans for a move. But, at the same time, it seems that lots of young families with children are moving into Kaaawa. That makes sense, as it would be a great place for a kid (or so it seems to this adult).

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Three moments on Thanksgiving morning

It was raining as we prepared to head out for our early morning walk, but it cleared, at least temporarily, and we never had to use our umbrellas.

Here are three highlights of the morning.

First, the view of Koko Head as the sun announced its appearance.

Then, in the middle, is Marlo after he enjoyed rolling in some freshly cut grass. He’s the cover dog for my first Kahala Morning Dogs calendar, and has quite a personality. I have to remember to use this picture when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

And the third photo was taken as we were crossing the small bridge over the stream that runs through the middle of the Waialae Beach Park.

These photos really define the several parts of our daily walk, from the sunrise through the morning dogs, and then back through the park and home.



The beach park

Fishing at dawn (Photo)

The ocean was calm on Tuesday morning, the tide was low, and the dark clouds hanging on the horizon seemed to merge in the distance with the ocean. The normal line separating water from sky was largely absent.

And Hao, one of the little terriers that we meet on the beach in the morning, was taking advantage of the calm conditions and low tide to wade out into the water in search of fish. That’s right. He’s out there on full alert, eyes scanning from side to side in search of fish. Every once in a while he would go ballistic, bouncing out of the water in long splashing strides in pursuit of something only he could see.

He didn’t catch anything, but not for lack of trying.


[Taken with my small carry-around camera, a Canon G7x.]