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Feline Friday the 13th

Duke, Toby and I paid a visit to our favorite vet yesterday. Dr. Ann Sakamoto, who was our go-to vet at VCA in Kaneohe, joined the practice at Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic just about the time that we moved from Kaaawa to east Honolulu. So she’s now just a short drive away. Easier to get to, less wear and tear on the cats, although you couldn’t tell that from the mewing and fussing on the way there yesterday.

Duke came away with some antibiotics to try and knock that the sneezing that has slowly been creeping back. And Dr. Sakamoto checked his eyes after I commented that they were often dilated. She says it looks like he’s got cataracts growing, so may have issues with eyesight down the line a bit.

Toby came home with glucosamine treats which, perhaps, will help him a bit with the joint pain that has decreased his mobility in the last 18 months. We’ll see.

Both cats also had their claws trimmed. They won’t let me do it, and it took an experienced vet tech to get a good hold on the squirming and sometimes yowling cats (Toby did the yowling) as Dr. Sakamoto wielded the clippers.

Anyway, both are generally doing well for being nearly 15 years old in human years.

Click on the photo to see all of the Friday the 13th feline photos!

Feline Friday (The 13th)

Throwback Thursday: I always was nosy

I just started backing up DVDs of old photos onto a hard drive (you can’t have too much backup, and I don’t know how long DVDs and CDs will remain reliable). This is one of the finds.

It’s a selfie taken in the living room of our house in Kaaawa in February 2005.

Pretty nosy guy!

Speaking of our former house in Kaaawa, I don’t miss the constant battle with the mildew on the ceiling. Bleach was my weapon.

What a nosy guy!

Morning Dogs

It’s been almost two months since I shared photos of our favorite morning dogs.

So here’s a batch to break the drought. Most are Kahala dogs, but there are a few of our Kaaawa canines at the end.

Without further ado…

More Morning Dogs

Throwback Thursday: A beer protest c. 1971

Here are a few photos from a strange little protest held sometime in the early 1970s, while we were graduate students at the University of Hawaii’s Manoa Campus.

My brain cells are not yielding full memories of the event. As I recall, it was triggered by a report that the university would not allow beer to be served on campus. Perhaps it was at the “new” campus center. We took it as another paternalistic attempt to control behavior of adult students, and for whatever reason it struck a chord among a group of friends.

With several of us chipping in a few dollars, we bought some beer and proceeded to give cans of beer away on the front steps of Hamilton Library, sort of a direct action protest of the new campus policy. It was obviously tongue-in-cheek, but others seemed to have no trouble getting into the spirit.

Note that campus security was on the scene, but all remained peaceful and they didn’t run us off the library stairs.

Click below to see the photos dredged up from my box of negatives. I do apologize for the condition of the nearly 50-year old negatives, which obviously weren’t stored under the best of conditions.

UH Beer Protest c.1971