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Celebration of Life planned for Oliver Lee

This word on the memorial event planned for Oliver Lee was circulated by his daughter, Vivien. It is scheduled for June 17.

As you may have seen in Wednesday’s Star-Advertiser obituary about Oliver, we are all gathering together for a Celebration of Life on Saturday, June 17, 4:00pm at the Church of the Crossroads in Honolulu. We welcome you to join us in remembering his unique life and the great times we shared. A reception will follow–we’ll raise a glass with cheer. Please no flowers, gifts, or monetary contributions–just come share memories and enjoy each other!

“Feel free to spread the word,” she added.

Proving the value of investigative reporting

It’s an amazing time for investigative reporting.

Sometime back, I commented here that President Trump has a lot to learn. In particular, I observed that barring certain reporters or publications from his press conferences wouldn’t do anything to block their ability to report on his administration.

And that’s certainly been proved to be the case with the reporting “war” between the Washington Post and the New York Times pushing all the large national news organizations to up their reporting games!

This past week was an amazing whirl of investigative revelations.

And we’re the ones who benefit!

And beyond the news, good commentary about the news. For example:

NY Times: “Washington Post, Breaking News, Is Also Breaking New Ground

CNN: “Journalism’s epic week: surprises, scoops and a newspaper war “The Washington Post’s Marty Baron on the Importance of Investigative Journalism

Aljazeera: “The increasing importance of investigative journalism

Anyway, it’s Saturday. Have fun out there.

Throwback Thursday: Before the dreaded “bunchy top”

This picture dates back to November 1988, just six months after we moved to Kaaawa.

We had inherited a patch of wonderful apple banana plants from the previous owner, Leslie Fullard-Leo. We regularly harvested beautiful bunches of bananas like these for the next decade, before the dreaded bunchy top finally reached Kaaawa and wiped out all of our plants within a year or two.

It wasn’t until just seven years ago or so that we were able to get new banana plants to thrive. We passed those on to the family that bought the house from us back in 2015.

These were the best

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