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It’s that time of year again

We were well along on our early morning walk this morning when we met two friends coming along the beach in the other direction.

“Say ‘happy anniversary’,” Meda said.

One of them, looking quizzically, responded. “Happy anniversary.”

Meda replied with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Yup. The earth has completed another circuit of the sun, trees have added another growth ring, sea level has risen another tenth of an inch somewhere, and we’ve both survived another year together.

Just for fun, I dug out the photo record of our adventurous anniversary back a decade ago in 2006, when we made the rounds of some of Meda’s favorite thrift stores. Just click on the photo below to see more of that day.


Today will be different.

The longtime secretary of the Women’s Studies Department at UH Manoa passed away over the weekend, and as department chair, Meda will be dealing with the bureaucracy that goes with the sad occasion. With just a week before classes start, getting at least a temporary secretary is a necessity, but I doubt it’s going to be easy. And then she will spend the afternoon in a different personnel committee meeting interviewing candidates for a top Manoa administrative position.

Meanwhile, my sister is hoping to return to her apartment later this week after six weeks in the hospital and a Liliha nursing home, and there are a lot of loose ends that I have to nail down to ease the transition.

Not exactly the stuff that celebrations are made of, but it will have to do. Maybe we’ll stop and pick up some takeout tonight from one of our local Thai restaurants. Then we’ll get home, feed the cats, give Duke his evening insulin shot, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy what’s left of the day.

“Let the good times roll,” he said, his voice rich with irony.

Oh, here’s a photo from that Big Day long ago.

Wedding Day

Hoping for a quiet Sunday

The highlight of our Saturday was the marriage of two friends and former neighbors when we lived out in Kaaawa. Their ceremony and reception were held in a back corner at Moanalua Gardens, really extraordinarily beautiful yesterday afternoon.

Moanalua Gardens

Oh, yes, Hawaii’s primary election was the other highlight. I’ve been looking at the results and will withhold comment until I manage to digest them further.

One more thing…


That’s a reminder for readers here in Hawaii. Today’s the primary election.

Get out and vote, if you haven’t already cast your ballot.

Just another Feline Friday

RomeoHey, another Feline Friday has rolled around. This week I’m a little short on the photos. I guess that I’ve been busy and the cats have been lazy. No vet visits. No fights. No special needs. Lots of daily naps. Routine sibling rivalries. Jockeying for position on our bed, day and night.

Just an average week when you live with four cats.

By the way, I tried to tempt Romeo into posing for the camera by dangling a cat toy in his vicinity. Today, zero interest. So I opened a cabinet and pulled out the bag of Temptations cat treat. That got his attention immediately, and photo accomplished.

Click here to see all of today’s fine Friday Felines!

Trump’s sly “wink wink” inviting violence

If you haven’t seen it yet, make a point of reading through Tom Friedman’s powerful column in the NY Times (“Trump’s Wink Wink to ‘Second Amendment People’”).

Friedman gets right to the point, drawing parallels between the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and Trump’s comment seemingly inviting direct action by ‘Second Amendment People’ to stop what he referred to a Hillary Clinton’s intent to abolish the Second Amendment.

Seen in context of the Times video that compiled the violent racism and sexism of some Trump supporters at campaign rallies, this is dangerous and threatening language indeed.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin got assassinated.

His right-wing opponents just kept delegitimizing him as a “traitor” and “a Nazi” for wanting to make peace with the Palestinians and give back part of the Land of Israel. Of course, all is fair in politics, right? And they had God on their side, right? They weren’t actually telling anyone to assassinate Rabin. That would be horrible.

But there are always people down the line who don’t hear the caveats. They just hear the big message: The man is illegitimate, the man is a threat to the nation, the man is the equivalent of a Nazi war criminal. Well, you know what we do with people like that, don’t you? We kill them.

And that’s what the Jewish extremist Yigal Amir did to Rabin. Why not? He thought he had permission from a whole segment of Israel’s political class.

And this strikes another historical chord.

Some of you might remember the flyers circulated in Dallas, Texas, right before the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

Wanted for Treason

According to an entry in Wikipedia:

This flyer, around 5,000 copies of which were distributed around Dallas in the days before President Kennedy’s November 22, 1963 visit, accused Kennedy of a range of offenses, from being “lax” on Communism, to “appointing anti-Christians to Federal office,” to lying to the American people about his personal life.

General Edwin A. Walker, a Texan who served in World War II and the Korean War, had resigned his Army post in 1961 after a Kennedy-ordered investigation found that he had violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity on the job, by distributing John Birch Society literature to his troops. Walker moved to Dallas and became a leader of right-wing activity in the city (more on the full range of that activity here). The ex-General led resistance to James Meredith’s 1962 enrollment at the University of Mississippi and unsuccessfully ran for the position of Texas governor.

So I’m with Friedman in the conclusion of his column:

People are playing with fire here, and there is no bigger flamethrower than Donald Trump. Forget politics; he is a disgusting human being. His children should be ashamed of him. I only pray that he is not simply defeated, but that he loses all 50 states so that the message goes out across the land — unambiguously, loud and clear: The likes of you should never come this way again.