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Travel Day: Returning from Vancouver

We’re on our way back to Honolulu today after spending much of the week attending the Western Society of Criminology annual meetings in Vancouver, Canada.

Meda’s been a member for decades, and has earned many of the society’s honors over the years. Several years ago, they named one of their annual awards in her honor, the Meda Chesney-Lind Award, “For significant contributions to scholarship or activism on the intersection of women and crime.”

I tag along to carry luggage and act as her scheduler.

It’s been cold, our short visit to winter.

Now we’re on the way home.

Here’s my placeholder, a panorama taken Saturday afternoon down along the Vancouver waterfront.

It’s a really nice city.

Please click to see a larger version of the photo.


Feline Friday: Our travel solution

Romeo Here we are, the first Feline Friday of February, and Mr. Romeo is here to welcome you aboard.

We’ve noticed an interesting shift now that the cats have gotten used to their new home and their inside-the-house lifestyle.

Romeo, once the swashbuckling cat who patrolled the yard and fought any wandering cats that tried to pass through, seems to be much more subdued these days. He’s lost his swagger. Maybe that’s just because he’s getting older. But I think it could reflect his changing role, no longer the warrior.

When we lived in Kaaawa, if a visitor came to the house, the cats would scatter and disappear into other parts of the house. If it turned out to be someone familiar, or if the visitor stayed for a while, a few cats would venture out. Usually Wally would be first to show an interest and seek a bit of attention. Kili would eventually make an appearance. And it wouldn’t be long before Romeo came out and turned on his social charm, showing that he wasn’t afraid.

Duke would never appear, and might even have been hiding under the bed. Toby would also disappear, as would Annie and Harriet.

Once Duke, and later Silverman and Kili, were diagnosed with feline diabetes, this created a problem when we traveled.

During the best times, we had a cat sitter who could give the shots IF the diabetic cats would make themselves available. Duke and Silverman didn’t cooperate. But the last few years in Kaaawa, after Silverman died, I would put Duke in a reasonably good size cage that I set up in the living room. That assured that he could be found to get his shots. And we could count on Kili not to run and hide, even if she didn’t voluntarily come forward. So our regular Kaaawa cat sitter was able to take over the full cat care, including insulin shots.

But when he wasn’t available, we would have to board the diabetics at VCA for the duration of our trip, and get someone else to feed and care for the other cats at home. The combined cost was high, but it was worth it for peace of mind.

Fast forward to Kahala. The cats have suddenly switched roles. Duke, Toby, and Kili are far less afraid of visitors, and usually will just sit out in the living room and watch them enter. Romeo now mostly hides, as does Ms. Annie. We’ve got a former vet tech who knew the cats at VCA. She visits twice a day and updates their food, water, and gives Duke and Kili their shots. She’s wonderful, and the cats like her.

It saves us a bundle over boarding at the vet, and we split the savings with our cat sitter, so we’re able to pay her well and still save some money.

And it does let us travel when we have the chance.

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There are several “two-fers” among today’s photos. That is, photos with two cats. I’m not sure why it turned out that way this week. Anyway, enjoy!

Premature post

The best laid plans….

My schedule is totally messed up today, and I figured that I would write a post in advance and have it automatically uploaded this morning.

But when it came time to hit the “send to blog” button, I forgot to add a scheduled delay.

So…the post about the Butler Cult in Kailua, intended to appear this morning, went online Sunday afternoon.

And I won’t be back here until Tuesday.

So it goes.

Another fine birthday celebration

We’ve celebrated Meda’s birthday through most of the week, finishing up last night with several friends over for dinner. Here Meda’s getting ready to deal with the cake & candle, while merriment goes on in the background.

Celebrate ’em while you still can!

Hopefully I’ll be back to substantive blogging on Monday.


Throwback Thursday: Ian & Wally, December 1998

This was in our house in Kaaawa.

Wally was just a year old. As you can see, she was very comfortable climbing into my lap and going to sleep.

I’m actually sitting in front of my computer (you can just see the corner of the keyboard). I guess that when I sat in front of the computer for a while, she just considered my lap fair game.

The chair was rescued from someone’s trash. We used it for another 15 years before finally returning it to the trash.

Anyway, we miss Wally, as you know. Well, we miss each of the cats who formerly shared our lives.

Click to see a larger version of the photo.

Ian & Wally, December 1998