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Throwback Thursday: Back to 1955

It was November 1956, according to a notation on the photo. A family outing somewhere in Hawaii.

November 1956

That’s my sister, Bonnie, and me, taking a break. Location unknown, unless for some reason she has a specific recollection.

I was 8 and Bonnie was 12. I’m carvrying my Scout’s canteen with the funky canvas case. It probably yielded nice, warm water, not the refreshing, cool drink you really wanted.

I’ll show Bonnie the photo when we visit the hospital later this morning and see if she can add anything.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Throwback Thursday: Sometime in the Spring of 1966

I think this photo was taken in the spring of 1966.

It was the group of students who had “pledged” with Delta Tau Delta fraternity at Whitman College (Walla Walla, Washington) during the 1965-1966 academic year.

To put in in perspective, it was the year before the first Super Bowl was played.

It was before I first grew a beard. It was also the last time I owned a suit or a tie, although I did wear a tie when Meda and I got married a few years later.

Lots of good guys in this group.

Click on the photo to see larger version.

Delt pledges

Throwback Thursday: Waialae Beach Park

Two photos of Meda at Waialae Beach Park, just down the block from the house in Kahala where I grew up, where my parents lived for 70+ years, and where we are now living once again.

The top photo was taken around 1970. I can tell because I had a student job as photographer for the East West Center, and I used their Rolleiflex, a twin lens camera that used that square 2-1/4 inch film.

The bottom photo was taken a few weeks ago in mid-2016, some 46 years later.

The old bridge was replaced. The trees on the far side are taller, and some appear to have been removed. But the place looks remarkably unchanged.

As does Ms. Meda.


Meda in 1969


Meda in 1969

Throwback Thursday: What, me imbibe?

I am shocked by this photo.

It was taken sometime in 1966 or 1967, if I’m not mistaken, while I was a sophomore at Whitman College.

It was pre-beard, which provides some guidance on the calendar.

But I don’t recall the circumstances.

It appears to have been at an apartment near the campus rented by a friend and fraternity brother.

Obviously, I wasn’t old enough to consume alcoholic beverages legally.

So I must have found a stash of liquor bottles and was waiting for authorities to show up to take possession of the stash.

Or perhaps….Okay, full stop. At this point, I’ll take the Fifth Amendment.

By the way, click on the photo for a larger version.

c. 1966

Surprised by an SPJ Award

When I saw a Facebook post by another journalist commenting on awards from the Society of Professional Journalists annual contest, I went looking for the results posted on the SPJ Hawaii website. And I was surprised to see this:

2015 Excellence in Journalism Awards
June 24, 2016
Manoa Grand Ballroom

The 2015 Excellence in Journalism contest was judged, for the most part, by the Colorado chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, with the exception of the Overall Magazine Layout, which was judged by Star-Advertiser managing editors Betty Shimabuuro and Mike Rovner.

All Media A101 Column Writing or Blog/News

First Place: Ian Lind “Ian Lind” Civil Beat Category Comment: “The winning entries all share the commonality of readability, and interesting insights into the history and culture of Hawaii, it’s people and its politics.”

Finalist: Ben Lowenthal “The State of Aloha” Maui News

Finalist: Neal Milner “Neal Milner” Civil Beat

After digesting the news, aided by a glass of wine or two, I checked in with Civil Beat Editor Patti Epler and got a list of my columns that were submitted.

It’s a pretty good selection, I have to say.

So here they are, the winning columns. And remember that the paywall has come down, so they are free for the reading.

Ian Lind: War Crimes on Kauai?
Since when did collecting taxes become pillaging and a war crime?

Ian Lind: Will Ruling In Council Case Derail Honolulu Ethics Enforcement?
The city Ethics Commission has released few details about why it dismissed charges against current and former council members, but the decisions could set dangerous precedents.

Ian Lind: Has UH Adequately Addressed Cancer Center’s Sticky Issues?
Former director Michele Carbone was often an expert defense witness in asbestos cases and sought UH grants from a frequently sued company. Conflict of interest?

Ian Lind: Dear Joe, If You’re Concerned About Ethics Problems Look in the Mirror
The Hawaii House Speaker is off-target in his criticism of the Ethics Commission for doing its job.

Ian Lind: Kahoolawe 40 Years Later
Protests over using the island as a military bombing range galvanized the modern Hawaiian movement.