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Throwback Thursday: Look who showed up for dinner!

This was taken in December 1984.

Windfola was our first cat, and she was always the one in charge of the household. At this point she was already 15 years old, but not showing her age.

She had me well trained. When we sat down for dinner, she joined us. And I had been trained to share my meals with her, if she was interested (and she usually was). She was supposed to be polite and wait her turn. I suppose she sometimes did. At other times it turned into a battle of wills. Eventually I broke and then would carry her upstairs and close her in our bedroom, allowing the people’s meal to proceed in a somewhat civilized manner.

We did love that cat!

Dec. 1984

Scanning bits and pieces of history

I’m sitting here this morning with a stack of photos from years past, mostly my own, but some from other sources, along with a few papers and documents that happened to be sitting in the same folders.

Scanning is the order of the day. I hope to scan several hundred snapshots and back them up online, then decide what to do with the originals.

But I can see I’ll be easily distracted.

For example, here’s a note that I believe was typed by my mother when she worked at the Hawaiian Historical Society back in the late 1960s and 1970s.

It’s an excerpt from a letter written by Valdemar Knudsen, an early sugar grower on Kauai, to Professor W.D. Alexander. Although the date is shown as “1854?”, it seems pretty clear that Knudsen was recollecting his 1954 conversations at a later date.

In the letter, Knudsen relates how he spoke to Hawaiians in 1854 and was told of “Hawaiians going on long journeys by sea but none mentioned any name of islands further than Kahiki.”

re Hawaiian sailing

Then, almost immediately, I came across this undated photo of a celebration at Iolani Palace. There’s a large, decorated Christmas tree on the steps, and people gathered in front, as well as on the balconies. There’s no indication of the date.

An unknown Christmas

Then a photo one of the nuns at St. Andrew’s Priory School, probably just before 1900. My mother guessed that this was Sister Albertina, who was a favorite of my grandmother (or perhaps my grandmother was one of her favorites).

I found a falling apart hard bound edition of Tennyson’s poems with Sister Albertina’s name handwritten on the front page. Apparently it had been given to my grandmother, either while she was at the Priory or afterwards.

Sister Albertina?

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

If there are many more items like this in the pile I’m trying to scan, it’s going to be a long day.

Throwback Thursday: Haleakala 1956

Photos keep turning up as I clear the last items out of my sister’s condo in preparation for selling it.

This one from a trip to Maui, and up the mountain for sunrise on Haleakala. That’s my dad and I in front of the sign showing the elevation at the summit. I have no recollection of the matching shirts.

I know that we visited several times in those years.

My main recollection–it was cold!

Haleakala 1956

Throwback Thursday: Halloween c. 1957


We were on the lanai of my family’s home in Kahala.

That’s my sister, Bonnie, in the back, wearing the hat. And that’s her mango tree in the background, planted when she was born.

I don’t recognize the other kids in costume. Except myself.

c. 1957