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Another Kaaawa morning (photos)

We had dinner with a friend in Kaaawa on Friday night, and got up early to walk the beach the next morning.

Yes, we miss Kaaawa, although we’re happy being much closer to everything after our move into Honolulu.

Just a couple of photos to share.

That’s Verne in the top photo. He spent a lot of time at sea before retiring in Kaaawa, and for quite a few years he’s been sweeping the parks and fishing areas for discarded cans and bottles. We ran into him Saturday morning at Swanzy Beach Park, a half-filled garbage bag in hand. He now mostly concentrates on cans, which are easier to collect and transport.

And in the photo below, one of the most active Kaaawa fishermen has nets laid out in his garage for mending. The muted colors caught my eye, and I grabbed a quick picture.

Just two little vignettes from a quiet morning in Kaaawa.



Kaaawa Revisited, Again (photos)

June 5, 2016

We revisited Kaaawa again this weekend, and are planning another visit at the end of this week. Spent Saturday night up the hill with a friend, then did our walk down to the beach and over to the other end of Kaaawa early this morning.

I’ve got a batch of photos to share. This one shows a view of the campers at Swanzy Beach Park early this morning, probably about 20 minutes after the sun came up. The start of another a beautiful day.

We stopped during our drive to Kaaawa on Saturday afternoon and bought a small box of dog biscuits to share with our many friends. Worth every penny!

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A short visit with the Kaaawa Canines

Duck and MonkeyWe walked the beach in Kaaawa on Sunday morning and visited with many of the dogs we know across the neighborhood, courtesy of friends who invited us to dinner and to spend the night just a block or so from our former home.

This time, quite a few of our canine friends were outside and happy to see us again. This is Duck, on the left, and Monkey. We used to bring Duck a doggie treat every time we saw him, and although we arrived yesterday empty handed, he didn’t seem to mind too much. Monkey was rescued just after we moved from Kaaawa, but he was just as excited to have a chance to say hello and collect some pets from us.

I count 16 dogs that made it into the morning’s photos, and there were a few that we missed along the way.

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Lots of new erosion along the coast in Kaaawa

We spent Saturday night in Kaaawa, and walked the beach again early this morning.

This panorama shows an area of erosion caused by the past several weeks of big surf along the norths shore that wraps around to this part of the island. This section is just past the restrooms at Kaaawa Beach Park.

And the surf also undermined another section of Kamehameha Highway yesterday, closing the lane closest to the ocean. They started contra flowing traffic in that area last night, and it was still down to one lane this morning. Climate change and sea level rise appear to be hard at work.

Click on the panorama to view a larger version.

Losing sand

And click here to see more of this morning’s photos (by the way, I forgot my camera as we left our house Saturday afternoon, so today’s photos were all taken with my iPhone).

Another Kaaawa morning (photo)

We spent Sunday night out in Kaaawa, and started early on Monday with our old walk down to the beach before dawn, then back through the neighborhood.

Although it started out as a rather ordinary morning, it developed into a beautiful dawn.

Just for the record, I’m posting this photo.

Yes, we miss Kaaawa. And, yes, we’re still having a good time in our new location, with our new morning walk. We’ve been very lucky, and remain so.

Kaaawa Dawn - January 18, 2016

[Apologies to my Facebook friends, who already saw this photo yesterday.]