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Throwback Thursday: In our Kaaawa garden

I think the year was 2001. The specific date has been lost in the course of many backup operations.

This was taken just below our former home in Kaaawa. It sat at the top of a slope which dropped down on one side to a dead-end road below.

The lower area was pretty overgrown.

During the wet part of the year, the ape (pronounced ‘ah-pay’, also called “elephant ears”) grew rapidly, often reaching over six feet.

This photo was taken early one morning when we walked back up the road to view our property from that side.

It’s one of the things we miss in our new home.

In the garden

Dawn on Day 1 of 2017

We spent New Year’s Eve out in Kaaawa, then got up early in the morning for our daily walk at dawn.

It was dark when we left our friends’ house, still dark when we got down to Kam Highway.

We moved into town more than a year ago, but Kaaawa still feels very familiar, and we see friends–canine and human–all along the walk.

But we also feel the past as we walk through the neighborhood. On some streets, we can tick off the names of all the dogs we knew through the years since we started regular morning walks 20 years ago but are now gone.

Anyway, here are a few images of the morning.

January 1, 2017

Back to substantive blogging soon.

Hints of Christmas in Kaaawa

[Note: This has been updated with additional photos since it was originally posted earlier today.]

It’s Christmas Eve morning.

We spent the night with our good friends in Kaaawa, just up the hill from where we used to live. Then we were up early to walk to the beach at dawn, then back through the neighborhood.

Obviously, it’s been wet in Kaaawa this week. There was standing water and mud all through the neighborhood.

Among other things, I was watching for signs of Christmas. There are a few included among these glimpses of Kaaawa.

Click on the photo to scroll through the pictures.

Christmas Eve Morning in Kaaawa

Another Kaaawa morning (photos)

Sunday, Oct 2We escaped to Kaaawa again last night, and awoke early this morning to walk the beach as we did for most of the past 20 years. We count ourselves incredibly fortunate to have friends who put up with our overnight visits.

This morning wasn’t one of those mornings with dramatic colors at dawn, but Kaaawa is a special place nonetheless.

We were lucky enough to be greeted by quite a few of our canine friends, and I managed to get pictures of a few of them.

–> Click here to follow along on today’s morning walk.