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Cats, Dogs, and Dawn: The 2016 calendars are here

Available nowThat’s the big news on this Feline Friday–The 2016 calendars are already ready!

As usual, one features our cats, formerly of Kaaawa and now living in Kahala, along with the two cats that didn’t live through the year.

But this year there’s also a “Kahala Dogs 2016” calendar, featuring the friends we’ve been making on our early morning walks to the beach in our new locale.

And then there’s also a Dawn calendar, this year split between Kaaawa and Kahala, reflecting the split in our lives that happened this summer.

I’ve been making calendars like this for about ten years. I make them to give away as holiday gifts to friends and neighbors. I also make them publicly available for purchase, because it’s simple and doesn’t cost me anything. A handful of them are purchased each year. They are much more collectors items than part of a mass market, for sure.

I managed to push through this week and get the calendars finished much earlier than in recent years.

I just tried to figure out when I started doing these calendars. It’s been at least ten years, I think. With a bit more digging, I may be able to find the definitive answer.

In any case, just click on the cats calendar cover at the top of this post for details on how to order, or to preview the calendar photos.

A glimpse of Halloween in Kaaawa

KaaawaWe spent a spooky Halloween in Kaaawa, enjoying seeing friends and former neighbors, along with visiting goblins, pirates, and other costumed characters. Truthfully, we only saw a small slice of what was going on around the community. This morning it was clear from the wreckage that there had been many mini-parties all through Kaaawa, with tables and chairs set up under canopies, liberally stocked with libations of many kinds.

I took a few photos of the festivities of our small slice of the festivities.

Just click on the photo to see all of the Halloween pictures from our former corner of Kaaawa.

Heading back to Kaaawa for Halloween

Trick or Treat!We’re getting ready for Halloween, which includes trying on my witch’s hat. We’re going to spend Halloween this year back in Kaaawa. It’s a great place to watch the Trick or Treaters, as it’s small, and it’s still a community where, by and large, people know each other personally, or at least by sight. And there are lots of kids, who have the best time.

I should confess that this isn’t a new photo. Instead, it’s one that I found digging around for pictures from Halloweens past. It was taken in the Kaaawa 7-11 store a decade ago. According to the caption, my Sprint Treo 650 was the top of the line cell phone with camera that I was carrying at the time, and which recorded the moment. I have to admit that it did the job just fine.

In any case, if you would like to browse some of the Halloweens past, click on any of the photos below, which will display a gallery of pictures from that year. The kids are now grown, some now with kids of their own, so looking back is fun.





It was wet and rainy in 2007, and I came away with just this one picture. But you get the idea anyway.


A brief return to Kaaawa

We spent Friday night with friends in Kaaawa. After wine o’clock and dinner, we stayed the night in a spare room downstairs in their house, a wonderful space, and I especially enjoyed this little salt & pepper pair displayed on a shelf (photos below). Okay, the cat got my attention, but the whole concept, and the colors, are wonderful! A great find, for sure.



And, by the way, our early morning walk down to the beach in Kaaawa didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped. When we reached our first two regular morning dogs, one greeted us enthusiastically after our month-long absence, while the other barked once and ran away, retreating into the garage with her tail between her legs and then emerging a few times just to cast worried glances our way and let out a sharp bark or two.

Farther down the beach, the tide and waves were too high to reach another couple of our favorite dogs, Bella and Murphy.

We had better luck on the back roads walking back, where we were able to meet and greet a string of our regular hounds without further issues.

It was fun to be back, and we hope to make these overnight site visits regularly.

Two Sunday viewpoints (photos)

Two photos for the day, which has turned gray in Kaaawa.

First, a slightly different visual take on our early morning walk. I usually tend towards photos that show the expansive views from the ocean sweeping up towards the mountains. Today, as we walked along, I saw this view which emphasizes the cliffs at the front of Kaaawa Valley, and the glow of the rising sun on clouds around the point towards Kaneohe. The children on the beach help to provide perspective.

Just click on either photo to see a larger version.

August 9, 2015

And, below, the telltale stake at the corner of our yard, up at the top of the driveway. It’s the sign that a survey crew was here to do their job, part of the process of selling a home. And a sign that we’re rapidly running out of time in Kaaawa. The weekend has been spent packing the small stuff, the little things that transform a room into your own, the detritus of decades of life in one space. It’s odd to be taking down the set, so to speak. Before you know it, the house starts to lose its lived-in look and becomes, well, something less. Ready for new owners to fill it with their lives, I suppose.

And it starts with those stakes at the edges of the property.

August 9, 2015