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Sunrise on the Spring Equinox (photo)

Spring is now officially here. Well, technically speaking at least. Although, I should add, we don’t have much of spring as a season here in Hawaii.

This is about the beginning of the traditional dry season, with the wet months returning along about October or so.

But the weather in recent years has been anything but usual. Last year’s many tropical storms during the “dry” months brought lots of rain around the state, so it’s a bit hard to say what the new “normal” is going to be.

But we had a beautiful morning to lead the way. I think you’ll agree. By the way, I love the way the light makes those little puff clouds jump out of the photo!


What a morning! (Photo)

Sometimes you’ve just got to share a morning photo. This is one of those mornings.

Taken this morning about 6:35 a.m. at Waialae Beach Park.

You never know when those colors are going to appear. Today we were lucky.


Kahala Morning Dogs

Here I go with another round of our Kahala Morning Dogs.

Marlo and Tucker are in the spotlight this week. Marlo is very happy to have Tucker, a very energetic puppy (now just a year old), sharing the daily walk on the beach. It’s pretty constant dog play, unless a ball arrives on the scene, in which case Tucker goes for the ball. Again. And again. And…so on.

Anyway, seeing the morning dogs is better than the daily insomniac tweets from the talk radio president.

Click on the photo to see all of today’s dogs, or click here if you prefer the Flickr gallery.

Tucker and Marlo

A few Saturday morning photos

Here are just a few photos from this morning’s walk on the beach, split between the wonderful views and several of Kahala dogs, including both regulars and new found friends.

Meda’s dragging around with a cold that she likely brought back from Las Vegas, and I’m trying my best to stay out of its way. I’ve succeeded so far, but this is usually a losing effort.

Anyway, click below and enjoy today’s photos.

Saturday morning walk