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A short visit with the Kaaawa Canines

Duck and MonkeyWe walked the beach in Kaaawa on Sunday morning and visited with many of the dogs we know across the neighborhood, courtesy of friends who invited us to dinner and to spend the night just a block or so from our former home.

This time, quite a few of our canine friends were outside and happy to see us again. This is Duck, on the left, and Monkey. We used to bring Duck a doggie treat every time we saw him, and although we arrived yesterday empty handed, he didn’t seem to mind too much. Monkey was rescued just after we moved from Kaaawa, but he was just as excited to have a chance to say hello and collect some pets from us.

I count 16 dogs that made it into the morning’s photos, and there were a few that we missed along the way.

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Saturday morning: Dogs and a rainbow

Yes, there was a bit of light rain that swept past during our walk this morning. Not enough to disrupt the walk, but enough to produce a great rainbow! That’s Meda with our friend, Karen, and her dogs, in the featured photo, below.

It was also a good morning for photos of some of our regular Kahala morning dogs.

Just click on the photo below to see all of today’s pictures.

May 21, 2016

Feline Friday: From soup to cats

Duke at the tableI made a chicken soup from the carcass and bones left over from dinner at our friends’ home last weekend, and Duke invited himself onto the table. He’s much more polite than Romeo, who will try to intercept bites of food between table and mouth. Duke, on the other hand, will wait patiently to see whether he’s offered any snacks.

By coincidence, Betty Shimabukuro did a nice little story about stretching out a chicken into nearly a week’s worth of meals (“1 chicken, 4 meals“).

I’ve written several times about this same trick. The first example I found in a quick search dates back to April 2008.

I came back to the subject in an October 2015 post, and again in February of this year.

Besides the cat, our chicken soup was accompanied by artichokes (which have been beautiful and relatively inexpensive recently), a plate of olives, hot bread, and a red wine. I threw a bunch of things into the soup, including onion, garlic, hot red peppers, kale, spinach, leftover rice, celery and carrots, bay leaves, some salt. It looks like we’ll get two dinners out of the soup, and at least one additional serving, probably for a lunch.

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Throwback Thursday: Passing through Umatilla, May 1997

It was May 1997.

We were driving from Portland, Oregon to Walla Walla, Washington for the Spring Commencement ceremonies, where Meda was slated to receive an “Alumni of Merit” award.

Along the way, a “flea market” sign on a storefront in Umatilla, a small town in Eastern Oregon, drew Meda’s attention and brought us to a temporary stop.

I don’t remember much about the store, but you always get an interesting view of a place while wandering through its thrift stores or flea markets.


Rabbit Kekai, 1920-2016

In honor of the passing of surfing legend Rabbit Kekai, here are a few photos of him in his prime. The photos were among my father’s collection from the early years of the Waikiki Surf Club. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

[That obnoxious auto correct did damage to the title in the original version of this post. I had corrected the same error in the body, and then it repeated in the title. Aargh!]

December 25, 1948. My dad, Waikiki Surf Club President John Lind congratulates Rabbit Kekai, winner of the first Diamond Head Paddleboard Race.


Winners of the 1st Annual Diamond Head 6-mile Race, Christmas Day, 1948. Winners of the first 10 places. L-R: Rabbit Kekai (#1), George Downing (#2), Robert Krewson (#3), Herbert Bessa (#4), Edward Whaley (#5), Wally Froiseth (#6), Dorian Paskowitz (#7), Frank Freitas (#8), Blue Makua (#9), Russ Takaki (#10)..

Christmas Day 1945

More from the early years of the Waikiki Surf Club, probably around 1949=50. Rabbit is on the far right. Next to Rabbit is Rudy Choy, catamaran designer and major supporter of the Waikiki Surf Club in its early years. Second from the left is Ed Whaley, and then David Kapahulehua. It looks to me like this was a team of paddlers from a canoe competition in Waikiki. There was no date on this photo, showing the winners of an unknown competition.


There’s also a sign-up sheet from the WSC’s Christmas Dance, also held in December 1948. Rabbit was #92 on the “Kane” list. There are a few others who signed with their nicknames–Longy, Juja, Brother, and Twinkle, but unlike Rabbit, their identities are probably lost forever.