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Duke & Romeo on this Feline Friday

Duke & RomeoDuke & Romeo welcome you to yet another Feline Friday.

If you follow the saga of our cats, you know that Romeo and Duke have gotten to be good buddies since Kili’s passing earlier this year. Romeo had a soft spot for Kili and, in her absence, has decided that he can snuggle up to Duke at various points in the day.

Duke’s been back sneezing a lot this week, and we’re taking him in for another check at the vet this afternoon. We’re resigned to living with his chronic congestion, but still want to keep track of its progression. So off to our vet, who now is in Hawaii Kai.

Meanwhile, the other cats are doing okay.

Annie’s been a bit fussy on the food front. Toby has been insisting on taking a spot on our bed, sometimes having to withstand Romeo’s defensiveness. So far, no real battles. Romeo is backing down, or mellowing out, more often than he used to.

So it goes in the world of our felines.

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Throwback Thursday: Construction c.1970?

I ran into this photo while digging in a coupe of boxes looking for potential Throwback photos.

I’m guessing this was taken around 1970.

Is that high-rise the Contessa condominium, near where the end of King Street hits Kapiolani?

Or perhaps one of those condos near Kapiolani and Date?

And what vantage point is the photo taken from?

But I’m sure I took the photo, and the 1970 time frame seems about right.

What’s your guess on the location and time frame?

By the way, just click on the photo to see a larger version.


Thank Goodness it’s Feline Friday!

Dinner is servedWelcome to this week’s Feline Friday!

Today’s featured photo shows our dining table as dinner was served one night earlier this week.

Romeo has set himself up closest to my plate. The first part of the meal features my attempts to defend against Romeo’s turbo paw, which aims at sweeping edible bits from my plate over into his waiting mouth. It’s a battle, but after a few rounds he finally understands that it’s necessary to wait and accept things that are offered.

Duke hangs back a bit, not because of a lack of interest but because he’s a bit more polite.

Annie doesn’t join the tabletop mayhem very often, but when she does, she is extremely polite.

Other than this scene, it’s been another relatively uneventful week. No vet visits. No medical issues.

We did see a neighbor’s cat stopping for some sun in our back yard. Luckily Romeo wan’t on guard at that point, so there were no dramatics. Now that our cats have gotten used to living 100% indoors, I hate to remind them that there’s territory out there they would formerly have fought to defend.

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Throwback Thursday: On Kauai in 1963

It was August 1963, a family trip to Kauai. I was ready to start my junior year at University High School in Honolulu, also known as the UH Lab School.

The photo was taken as we stopped at a lookout at Hanalei Valley.

It looks like I’m holding an old 8mm movie camera. If so, where are those films? Ah, I can see another round of digging through boxes of “stuff” in search of long lost films.

But that’s for another Thursday.

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Kauai 1963

It’s that time of year again

We were well along on our early morning walk this morning when we met two friends coming along the beach in the other direction.

“Say ‘happy anniversary’,” Meda said.

One of them, looking quizzically, responded. “Happy anniversary.”

Meda replied with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Yup. The earth has completed another circuit of the sun, trees have added another growth ring, sea level has risen another tenth of an inch somewhere, and we’ve both survived another year together.

Just for fun, I dug out the photo record of our adventurous anniversary back a decade ago in 2006, when we made the rounds of some of Meda’s favorite thrift stores. Just click on the photo below to see more of that day.


Today will be different.

The longtime secretary of the Women’s Studies Department at UH Manoa passed away over the weekend, and as department chair, Meda will be dealing with the bureaucracy that goes with the sad occasion. With just a week before classes start, getting at least a temporary secretary is a necessity, but I doubt it’s going to be easy. And then she will spend the afternoon in a different personnel committee meeting interviewing candidates for a top Manoa administrative position.

Meanwhile, my sister is hoping to return to her apartment later this week after six weeks in the hospital and a Liliha nursing home, and there are a lot of loose ends that I have to nail down to ease the transition.

Not exactly the stuff that celebrations are made of, but it will have to do. Maybe we’ll stop and pick up some takeout tonight from one of our local Thai restaurants. Then we’ll get home, feed the cats, give Duke his evening insulin shot, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy what’s left of the day.

“Let the good times roll,” he said, his voice rich with irony.

Oh, here’s a photo from that Big Day long ago.

Wedding Day