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The rain and dawn made for very interesting light (photo)

We spent Friday night in Kaaawa with friends, and stayed to walk the beach early this morning.

It’s strange jumping back and forth from our current neighborhood, back to where we spent nearly 30 years, and then back to town later this morning.

I haven’t had a chance to upload any of today’s Kaaawa photos yet, but here’s a keeper taken Friday morning in Kahala to fill the space. There were patches of rain blowing through as the sun was starting to come up, and they created a very special quality of light.

The camera I was carrying didn’t really capture the very unusual character of the light, but you can see the curtains of rain blowing through it, which was part of the experience. Meda can be seen walking ahead of me on the far left of the photo. She’s often out in front, as I dawdle along with my camera.

wonderful morning light

Feline Friday: The day after Thanksgiving

[text]That’s Mr. Duke welcoming you to another happy Feline Friday, which happens to be the day after Thanksgiving.

I think all the cats had a good Thanksgiving. We were home, which added a little interest to their day. And we did produce a good dinner which had appropriate feline benefits included.

We did finally realize that when Ms. Wally was alive, Duke was her excess food cleanup crew. He got to be very skilled at sneaking onto the kitchen counter to quietly clean up any leftovers. And with her fragile appetite, leftovers were plentiful, I’m afraid.

And now that she’s gone, Duke’s been on a restricted diet, although he still gets his own full ration. The result is that he’s much more interested in what’s going on at our dining table, and has become a much more assertive presence at mealtime. He’s cute about it, purring all the way, so we have to be careful not to reward him for his efforts. He’s naturally fat, taking after his mother, and that contributes to his diabetes, so we do our best to keep his food intake at reasonable levels.

Yesterday afternoon I discovered an explained injury on Ms. Annie’s ear. It looks like she’s been in a fight, but she hasn’t been outside. So are we talking some sibling rivalry here? Could be, I suppose. There is competition for spots on our bed. Romeo and Kili rule there, while Duke and Annie are able to sneak in from time to time. Poor Toby rarely gets to claim a place on the bed, although he used to be king of the afternoon naps.

So it goes in the new world of our Kahala cats.

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Three moments on Thanksgiving morning

It was raining as we prepared to head out for our early morning walk, but it cleared, at least temporarily, and we never had to use our umbrellas.

Here are three highlights of the morning.

First, the view of Koko Head as the sun announced its appearance.

Then, in the middle, is Marlo after he enjoyed rolling in some freshly cut grass. He’s the cover dog for my first Kahala Morning Dogs calendar, and has quite a personality. I have to remember to use this picture when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

And the third photo was taken as we were crossing the small bridge over the stream that runs through the middle of the Waialae Beach Park.

These photos really define the several parts of our daily walk, from the sunrise through the morning dogs, and then back through the park and home.



The beach park

Throwback Thursday: January 1977 at Iolani Palace

It was the first Sovereignty Sunday, a large rally and concert at Iolani Palace that included the premier of Liko Martin’s new composition, “All Hawaii Stand Together.”

This photo is taken at an odd angle, but I was trying to show the poster taped on the side of the speakers. Some of the crowd is visible on the left, while the performers are on stage on the right. George Helm is visible at the microphone.

If I’m not mistaken, the building in the background is Aliiolani Hale, across King Street, the current location of the Hawaii Supreme Court.

Click on the photo for a larger version (even bigger than normal, so that you can hopefully see at least the large print on the poster).

January 1977

Fishing at dawn (Photo)

The ocean was calm on Tuesday morning, the tide was low, and the dark clouds hanging on the horizon seemed to merge in the distance with the ocean. The normal line separating water from sky was largely absent.

And Hao, one of the little terriers that we meet on the beach in the morning, was taking advantage of the calm conditions and low tide to wade out into the water in search of fish. That’s right. He’s out there on full alert, eyes scanning from side to side in search of fish. Every once in a while he would go ballistic, bouncing out of the water in long splashing strides in pursuit of something only he could see.

He didn’t catch anything, but not for lack of trying.


[Taken with my small carry-around camera, a Canon G7x.]