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Feline Friday: Romeo’s on a roll

We may be traveling, but the Feline Friday show must go on!

Luckily, I came prepared with photos taken prior to our departure for the San Francisco area. This week, Romeo was very much in evidence and willing to strike a pose or two. The result is that he’s over-represented in the week’s photos.

He’s the cat most likely to stroll over to the basket of toys, fish around in it, retrieve a favorite, and start batting it around the room. Other times I’ll notice him laying alongside a chair while reaching under it to pull out a toy and start a new game. Less frequently, Annie will go into the toy basket, but it’s usually just to check out what’s there, and not to start a game of her own.

In any case, here’s the week in photos. Just click below to see all the pictures.


Feline Friday: May 19, 2017

Off for a few days…

By the time this is posted early Wednesday morning, with any luck we’ll be on a flight to San Francisco for almost a week of visiting family and friends.

Our cat sitter will be moving in to take care of the house and the furry ones.

I do hope to post somewhat regularly while we’re traveling.

For today, though, here’s a simple placeholder, featuring photos of a few more of the dogs from our early morning walks both in Kaaawa and in Kahala.

A few more dogs

Mother’s Day portraits

For Mother’s Day, here are portraits of our mothers as they graduated from college.

My mother, Helen Yonge Lind, believed to be in 1935.


Meda’s mother, Margaret Renton Chesney, photo taken about 1943.


What newspapering used to look like

[text]Here’s a great look inside the production of the New York Times in a series of photos from 1942. The photographs are in the Library of Congress collection. They were recently featured on Mashable, and then picked up by Digital Photography Review, where I first saw them.

Things have changed a bit in 75 years!

When did the Honolulu newspapers move away from the traditional typesetting to computers? Anybody recall?