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Feline Friday: Lazy summer days

Here’s Mr. Romeo welcoming you to Feline Friday.

Mr. Romeo

He doesn’t normally jump up onto our kitchen counters. This time I put him up there hoping for some good light as he explored the space. It worked.

Things have been relatively peaceful in the cat household the past couple of weeks.

No vet visits. No new illnesses or suspected illnesses. No breakout attempts. But lots of hot weather napping, window watching, and snack begging.

The regular, I guess.

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Throwback Thursday: Back to 1955

It was November 1956, according to a notation on the photo. A family outing somewhere in Hawaii.

November 1956

That’s my sister, Bonnie, and me, taking a break. Location unknown, unless for some reason she has a specific recollection.

I was 8 and Bonnie was 12. I’m carvrying my Scout’s canteen with the funky canvas case. It probably yielded nice, warm water, not the refreshing, cool drink you really wanted.

I’ll show Bonnie the photo when we visit the hospital later this morning and see if she can add anything.

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Almost perfect (photos)

Low tide. Almost no wind. Partly cloudy.

An almost perfect morning.

Judge for yourself.

Our modest morning walk in Kahala.

Kahala sunrise

Kahala sunrise

Kahala sunrise

Kahala sunrise

[Camera: Canon EOS M3]

Behind the Tiny Toby photos

In this age when cameras, even cell phone cameras, are way up there on the megapixel scale, there are lots of good photos possible with much lower pixel counts.

The Feline Friday photos posted yesterday, most of which dated from late 2002, were taken with two cameras.

The first few pictures were with a Canon Powershot A50, introduced in 1999. I probably bought it not long after that.

It was advertised as a One Megapixel camera, a step above the prior generation at that point. Maximum resolution was just 1280 x 960 pixels.

It was slow and relatively reliable, as I recall.

Really too slow to catch good kitten pics. So using the kitten as an excuse, I bought a new Canon G2. This model was introduced in late 2001, and had a screen that flipped out and rotated. Boasting 4 megapixels, it has a maximum resolution of 2272 x 1704. It seemed very special at the time.

It all seems pretty primitive from today’s perspective, with some phones having more than 10 MP cameras.

But both cameras did the job and created these lasting images.

Anyway, that’s just for your useless information drawer.

Feline Friday: Tiny Toby

Toby was a tiny kitten when we rescued him from the empty four-acre parcel of land in front of our house in Kaaawa back at the end of October 2002.

I ran across a CD of old digital photos that period which brought back all those memories of Tiny Toby!

This photo, taken earlier today, shows Toby today and back in 2002.

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Tiny Toby 2002