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Feline Friday: Temptations

Romeo & Mr. Duke welcome you to another Feline Friday.

Romeo & Duke

They are demonstrating what happens when our cats hear the crinkling sound of the Temptations cat treats’ bag. I don’t know what’s in these things, but the cats are wild for them. I’ve been offering Temptations to Duke as encouragement to come out for his insulin shots. The other cats quickly realized what was going on, and they have learned to come running from wherever they happen to be in order to get their share of the payoff. They stand around and wait for me to give a few of these treats to each of them.

The funny thing is that they can tell when I’m just using the Temptations to round the cats up and close them in the bedroom, which we sometimes have to do. On those days, they know to ignore the bait and stay in hiding. It’s uncanny. I think I’m going through the normal routine, but they can somehow tell my motives. Cats, it seems, have psychic abilities.

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St. Andrew’s Priory 1900-1910

Ascension DayAs promised in the prior post, here’s a collection of photos from the dog-eared album of former Priory principal, Abby Stuart Marsh.

Most of the photos are of the Priory itself, but a few are at other spots.

My grandmother was raised at the Priory. She was a resident there from 1991 through to 1911, when she was married. Abby Marsh stayed in touch with her, and with my mother, for years.

From Wikipedia:

Raised in the Anglican faith, Queen Emma recognized the educational needs of the young women of Hawai?i and founded St. Andrew’s Priory so that Hawaiian girls would receive an education equivalent to what was traditionally offered only to boys. Her mission of establishing a girls’ school in Honolulu took her to England to seek the counsel of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Under his authority, the Sisters of the Church of England returned to Hawai?i with Queen Emma to begin their work.

The school opened on Ascension Day, May 30, 1867, under the direction of Queen Emma and Mother Priscilla Lydia Sellon of the Society of the Most Holy Trinity of Davenport, England. In 1902, the Episcopal Church of the United States assumed administrative control of the school. Until 1969, the Priory was run by the Sisters of the American Order of the Transfiguration.

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Morning colors (photos)

I usually look to the sun for morning colors.

Today, though, I took my camera around our yard and let the flowers express themselves.



Colors of morning

Pink ginger

Colors of morning


Colors of morning

Feline Friday: Romeo & Duke still hanging out

Here we are, another Feline Friday.

After having our lives knocked about by my sister’s death, the cats are trying to keep us on a steady course by just being themselves.

Romeo and Duke continue their buddy act. They lobby for food as a team, then eat with their dishes next to each other, sometimes swapping mid-meal. They can usually be found napping next to each other, and at night they come up onto our bed together, and then vie for attention, each trying to hold the position closest to the person. And most of this is newly developed behavior since Kili’s death earlier this year.

Romeo has been paying a bit more attention to the outside world. He now is waiting just inside the door when we come in from the garage, trying to get a peek at that mysterious territory before the door shuts. And he’s alert when we go out onto the deck. He hasn’t made another break for freedom, but he does want to look out when the sliding doors open. No cause for alarm yet, and hopefully he won’t get into escape mode.

Other than that, an uneventful week on the cat front.

Oh, here’s a note that might interest some…Just a FYI – Sunday is National Feral Cat day, and Catfriends is doing a spay/neuter clinic where you can get 2 feral cats sterilized for the price of one ( five bucks ).

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Feline Friday: October 14, 2016

Looking back on Thursday morning

Here are two images from yesterday.

Top photo: We were on our regular daily walk along Kahala Beach yesterday morning when I got the call with news that my sister had passed away at about 6:35 a.m.

Last night, I looked at the morning’s photos. According to the automatic date/time data recorded by the camera, this photo was taken right at 6:35.

The moment

I arrived at Bonnie’s apartment just behind the hospice nurse, who had to certify her death. Then I waited for the crew from the mortuary to arrive to remove her body. Bonnie and I were alone in the apartment longer than usual, as there was apparently some “miscommunication” with the dispatcher.

I looked in on her several times. She was resting on a bed below her collection of hats, some dating back to our Hawaiian grandmother. It felt like a good spot for her to have taken her last breath.

Bonnie's hats

I busied myself calling and texting those who needed to be notified, and making a list of bureaucratic things that would need to be done soon. Then I just sat in silence for a while. Silence is good. Somehow it didn’t seem “spooky” to be there alone with Bonnie.

The mortuary team arrived. They removed Bonnie’s wedding ring and brought it to me.

And when they carried her out of the bedroom, I was struck by how small the well-wrapped package was. We are all, I suppose, somewhat “larger than life.” And when her “life” was gone, what remained was far smaller than what my senses expected.

I will try to remember the former rather than the latter.