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Happy Birthday, Mr. Duke!

One of the newborns in the small pile of kittens in this photo taken on the morning of April 30, 2002, grew up to be Duke. He’s now officially 14 years old in human years, whatever that works out to be in cat years.

April 30, 2002

His mother decided to ignore all the neat nests I had created and instead chose to give birth on the couch in the small studio apartment on the edge of Waikiki where I had an office at the time. The photo was taken just a few hours after they were born.

One of the kittens died a few weeks later. Duke’s sister was adopted by friends and named Maka.

Today, Duke is the only survivor of the litter, and doing pretty well, thank you.

You can read the whole story (and it really is quite a story), or if you prefer, watch the 8-minute video (which desperately needs an edit!).

Feline Friday: The Battle for the Bed

As far as the cats are concerned, I’m not allowed to be on the bed alone.

This is an example of what happens if I try to take an afternoon nap, and repeats when I finally call it a day and head to bed in the evening (photo taken with my iPhone).

Battle for the Bed

Although the bed might appear crowded, Ms. Kili is always part of the chaos, but wasn’t there yet for this photo.

Here’s the usual order. Ms. Annie is often the first to get to the bed, followed closely by Duke. Romeo takes a few more seconds.

And the competition begins. Annie and Duke are pretty polite and low key, basically just trying to get into position and then hold their spot. But Romeo is more direct. He tries to pose as friendly, pushing in and head-butting the others, often a social behavior. But Romeo will push it, eventually adding a little nip, or a touch of a paw, to send Duke and Annie on their way so that he can claim exclusive rights to the center of the bed.

About this time, Kili is usually going around to the other side of the bed, and will eventually climb up to claim a spot through right of seniority. Typically, Romeo doesn’t mess with her.

And the ones that lost out generally sneak back a little later and claim positions down at the foot of the bed.

Toby is the only one of the cats that doesn’t get into the competition.

Oh, did I mention that it’s not a king size bed, not a queen, but a full. Yes, “full” describes it quite well!

And so it goes.

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Throwback Thursday: The view from Ulupalakua c.1978

This photo dates from about 1978. Meda and I were driving around upcountry Maui, and stopped in Ulupalakua for this selfie looking out towards Kahoolawe.

I think this was the same trip that then took us to Lanai, where we visited with Bart Kane, then librarian at the State Library there on the small island.

c. 1978

Feline Friday, Part 2: Sally & Sylvester

Sylvester This is a special “Part 2” edition of today’s Feline Friday, featuring Sally & Sylvester, cats who live with our former Kaaawa neighbors and good friends, now living in Colorado Springs.

This is Mr. Sylvester. He was hiding out when we arrived here to visit earlier in the week. He left the initial greetings to his sister, Sally, who strolled right past the two big dogs in order to greet us properly. Sylvester showed up later in the day when activity started in the kitchen.

These are two very satisfactory cats. When we met the cats, they were the only animals in the household. They now share the space with two big dogs, Zeus and Rey. That was a bit of an adjustment, but they and the dogs seem to have come to an understanding.

So here’s a brief glimpse of Sally and Sylvester, our Colorado cats. Feline Friday, Part 2.

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Feline Friday: Way back with Mr. Duke

Well, I got up early this morning and launched myself into Feline Friday, but then got sidetracked by other things and never got back to finish the job. So here I am, hours late, with this week’s dose of cat energy. Only after getting it all ready did I remember that this is only Thursday!

But since it’s all ready, here it goes anyway!

This week it’s a step into the feline past. 2002, to be specific, When Duke was a precious kitten just a few months old.

This is Duke with his mother, Miss Cybelle. Duke’s sister had just been adopted by friends, and now it was the two of them (and something like seven, or maybe nine other cats already in the household).

Cybelle died not long afterwards of previously undiagnosed diabetes.

Duke, now 14 years old, is fat and happy.

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