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Another beautiful weekend morning

The best time for dawn photos is typically about 30 minutes before sunrise.

That’s just about when we have been getting to Waialae Beach Park on recent mornings.

Few clouds. Clear skies. Calm ocean.

It doesn’t get much better than this. And I can’t resist sharing!



Feline Friday: Annie goes to the V-E-T

Ms. AnnieMs. Annie welcomes you to another fine Feline Friday. Her week was spiced up by a visit to the Hawaii Kai Veterinary Clinic to visit with Dr. Ann Sakamoto, our regular vet who recently moved from VCA in Kaneohe. It’s a smaller practice, so we won’t be shifting completely from VCA, which maintains longer hours and more specialized services. But Hawaii Kai is closer than Kaneohe, and we have relied on Dr. Sakamoto for years, so it’s likely that we’ll move all the routine care appointments to Hawaii Kai.

Annie cried and yowled all the way from our house to the door of the vet. Then she went silent.

Annie has been a bit “down,” less active than usual, and had some spots of skin problems on her ears and under her chin. The cause of those crusty spots isn’t clear, but it turns out the one under her chin had gotten infected, hence the just not feeling well. So she got an antibiotic shot, we had a good visit with Dr. Sakamoto, and we headed home. The antibiotic seems to have done the trick, at least in terms of her overall affect. As you can see, she’s pretty alert and looking good.

Of course, the afternoon sun creates large patches of sleeping cats, curled up, stretched out, whatever. It’s warm, they’re cats, and so sleep takes over. You’ll see that in this week’s photos.

We recently had our mango trees trimmed and thinned, and that lets more afternoon sun through. Once they start filling out again, it will filter the light. Better for us, probably not as welcomed by the cats.

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Throwback Thursday: In the kitchen c.2001

Here’s a selfies with one of our homemade pizzas in May 2001, before the word “selfie” was applied to such photos. It was just months after the Star-Bulletin and I parted ways following it’s purchase by Canadian publisher, David Black.

The photo was taken in our kitchen in Kaaawa using a Canon S10 digital camera, according to the embedded data.

It appears to include pepperoni, green peppers, olives, basil, mozzarella cheese, probably anchovies, on a homemade crust.

2001 pizza

A few images of Vancouver

VancouverI wanted to share some images from our week in Vancouver. I’ll blame lingering jet lag for the failure to get this posted early this morning, as planned. I had the photos prepared, the post nearly written, and then I got distracted. Elements of the distraction included decided that Ms. Annie needed a vet visit to deal with some unwelcome scabby spots on her ears and chin. In any case, the actual post was lost in the shuffle. So here it is, just a bit late.

This photo was taken at one of the great spots in Vancouver–The Umbrella Shop. We learned about this store from a friend in Kaaawa, who swears by their umbrellas. Some are still made at their own factory in Vancouver, but all are made to their high standards, and are backed by a great warranty and service. They offer an incredible variety of umbrellas in different styles, sizes, and weights, and with a wide range of fabrics and colors.

And if you’re at all interested, they offer flat rate $20 shipping to Hawaii. A year or so ago, I ordered three umbrellas, and they arrive within a week, all for that $20.

So when we found their main retail store while wandering around downtown Vancouver, of course we went in. We learned a lot about umbrellas (like how to properly close my large, folding umbrella).

While we were paying for our umbrellas, the woman who had given us a great tour of their products took our First Hawaiian Bank Mastercard, noting its lack of a security chip.

“So the U.S. could put a man on the moon, but they can’t produce secure credit cards,” she commented somewhat wistfully.

Meda said it just be because our banks are so poor (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

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Throwback Thursday: Sharing a meal c.1985

Another cat photo for this Throwback Thursday.

This is proof that we’ve shared our table with cats for an awful long time.

I believe this dates back to about 1985 or 1986. This was our #1 cat, who lived to be about 19 years old. She routinely took a spot on the table, usually right next to my plate. She tried to be patient and wait to be offered tidbits, but often a gray paw would shoot out to snatch a bit off my fork somewhere between plate and mouth.

She died in the summer of 1988, not long after we moved to Kaaawa. She was an indoor cat in Kaaawa, but did get to visit the yard a few times before she was gone. She taught us a lot about cats, that’s for sure.