Waiting for Darby

We’re waiting for Tropical Storm Darby to drop by the neighborhood sometime later today.

This morning was drizzling and a bit windy. Nothing out of the ordinary, but we know the storm is out there crawling our way.

For the record:

Approaching storm

Approaching storm

I don’t now whether I’ll be able to venture out for any storm photos later today or early tomorrow. We’ll see about that.

Bad news and good news

Well, my sister has gotten bad news and good news.

And it’s the same news.

She has breast cancer. And it has spread to various spots. That’s the bad news.

She has breast cancer. And, according to her doctors, medical advances have given them many more tools to attack or manage this type of cancer than many others. That, they say, is the good news.

They’ve already launched her into a hormone therapy program, which I’ve just been reading about. At least one spot will likely call for radiation treatments.

But this avoids the physical toll of chemotherapy, which filled her late husband’s final time with the misery of terrible side effects. Bonnie is very clear that she doesn’t want to chase a few extra weeks of life in light of those side effects.

But knowing what she’s facing, and knowing that it’s far better than what we all feared, has raised her spirits.

Bonnie still has a long way to go, so keep your positive energy flowing her way.

And today we prepare for the arrival of Tropical Storm Darby.

Wish us all luck!

Feline Friday: Lazy summer days

Here’s Mr. Romeo welcoming you to Feline Friday.

Mr. Romeo

He doesn’t normally jump up onto our kitchen counters. This time I put him up there hoping for some good light as he explored the space. It worked.

Things have been relatively peaceful in the cat household the past couple of weeks.

No vet visits. No new illnesses or suspected illnesses. No breakout attempts. But lots of hot weather napping, window watching, and snack begging.

The regular, I guess.

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Planning ahead

Good advice from a FB post of a friend, Lora Williams Helmer, formerly of Honolulu.

Dealing with my sister’s situation has been a rather rude wake-up call for us. I admit that thinking about such possibilities is depressing, and it’s hard to get motivated to do the work. But then something happens and you quickly realize that the time to get affairs in order is before you desperately wish you had already done it.

People, get Durable Powers of Attorney for each other NOW. And get your end of life wishes stated now. These documents are in place for me and Brian Helmer, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the ability to assume the responsibilities I have now, with our best interests at heart.

Many folks say “what, me?” Well, look at us. Do it. Make your lives easier when the stress is especially high.

Throwback Thursday: Back to 1955

It was November 1956, according to a notation on the photo. A family outing somewhere in Hawaii.

November 1956

That’s my sister, Bonnie, and me, taking a break. Location unknown, unless for some reason she has a specific recollection.

I was 8 and Bonnie was 12. I’m carvrying my Scout’s canteen with the funky canvas case. It probably yielded nice, warm water, not the refreshing, cool drink you really wanted.

I’ll show Bonnie the photo when we visit the hospital later this morning and see if she can add anything.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.