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7 responses to “Sitemap

  1. Hi Ian,
    It was great meeting you at Gigi’s. I tried leaving a comment on your blog site but it just wouldn’t work. I don’t know if it’s just me. I’m going to see if this method works.

  2. Hi Ian,
    Could you please include this story on your website about Kaaawa residents Joey and JJ Nozawa saving a turtle on the Big Island? Please see the story at (The story is Oahu family rescues sea turtle in Hilo). It’s always nice to hear about good things about Kaaawa residents. Thank you.

  3. Ian,
    I was not able to figure out how to reach you so I will try here. I would like to hear your take on the current problems the symphony is struggling with. What particularly bothers me is a Advertiser article that quotes, “Sidney Quintal, director of the city Department of Enterprise Service, said city officials are talking to performers to take over the symphony’s March through May dates.” Not “How can we help?” City Hall could not care less. The only thought is how to rent the hall to make more money. How did we get this kind of leadership?

  4. Ian it was indeedly a great honor to meet you at Zippy’s the other day. I did send you the addresses where you can donate those stamps and the cover lot.
    Unfortunately, I won’t be at the Collector’s Expo in february, nor the Wikiwiki March,2014 shows, however, i will be at the All Collectors show in July, 2014. People can bring their coins and stamps to be appraised by me during the show times.

  5. Hi Ian,
    A retired judge, no name, asked me a question the other day. He asked, “Why does the media only focus on those expenses for massages, education, houses and other real property purchased with taxpayer money by Albert Hee? For this to have remained silent for so more than a decade, it would have to been accompanied by significant payola to politicians. Who is doing the investigation into Sandwich isles political contributions?”

  6. Dear Ian,
    I’m new to your website. A friend mentioned that you posted interesting information about Waialae-Kahala a while back. Can you please tell me where I can find this information. I’m interested in the farmers living in this area during the war and the development of this district. Thank you

    • try doing a Google search with these terms: “ kahala history”
      That should turn up most of the Kahala-related items.

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