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No Friday Felines today

A medical emergency has disrupted my schedule. Nothing life threatening, by ER visit required. Details later.

Maybe felines later as well.

The last Feline Friday of 2012

Mr. Silverman welcomes you to this last Feline Friday of 2012 in this photo taken as the sun made its appearance earlier this morning.

We’re starting a new chapter of Silverman’s saga. He and Duke, our two diabetic cats, stayed at VCA in Kaneohe while we were in New Zealand last month. Our regular vet, Ann Sakamoto, thought he seemed a little dehydrated and administered subcutaneous fluids, which perked him up. She suggested we consider continuing this at home.

So this week we picked up what we need to give him a periodic dose of fluids at home. We’ll have to see how it goes. We’ve had to do this in the past with a couple of our previous cats, with mixed success. But I think Silverman will cooperate. He’s that kind of cat.

Goodbye 2012

In any case, today’s gallery of Kaaawa cats features some mealtime marauding, between meal begging, and more.

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Romeo leads the way on Feline Friday

Cat in lapA self-portrait with Mr. Romeo planted firmly in my lap.

Meda and I were on the deck enjoying the reflected sunset when Romeo showed up, hopped onto the table, then stepped down into my lap, circled once, and settled in. And when a 16-pounder jumps into your lap, you notice. This time, I happened to have a camera within reach. I’m holding it in my left hand at arms length, and then taking a one-handed photo. It took several tries to get it close to acceptable. At least, in this version, we’re both in the frame and looking in the right direction.

It’s a good intro to today’s Feline Friday.

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Feline Friday: An update on Silverman and other adventures

Mr. SilvermanIt has been a long week.

Last week, Silverman suddenly lost his appetite. For a cat who is typically more than enthusiastic about meals, this was obviously not good. On Saturday, it was off to the vet to get him checked out. And it was a good thing that I didn’t wait. Blood and urine tests showed (a) that he is suffering from diabetes, (b) had become seriously dehydrated, and (c) this caused his chemicals to get way out of whack. It was off to intensive care, at least for part of the day, then overnight in the hospital and all day Sunday for glucose testing. I brought him home on Sunday night with appetite restored, although still showing the effects of his unexpected crash landing.

He’s now getting canned low-carb food, which he is enjoying, and insulin shots, which he is definitely not enjoying.

By mid-week, he was feeling a lot better and eating well. Giving Silverman his insulin shots isn’t as easy as Duke. Duke sits still when I bribe him with lots of pets and brushing, but Silverman wants to be in motion. It looks like I’ll have to try a different technique with him, sort of light restraint, a friendly arm around him briefly while finding a target for the needle. At least that’s where I ended up after these first few days.

Now he has to return to the vet for another round of tests to see how his chemistry is reacting to the initial small insulin dose. Meanwhile, we’re still searching for the correct dose for Duke, which has continued to be elusive even after four months.

In any case, click on Silverman’s photo to see the rest of this Friday’s Felines.